These Japanese Kids Meal Toys We Needed In Our Childhood

These Crazy Japanese Kits Meal Toys are something I really wish I had here in America. We did have some great toys, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, plushies, etc… But for the most part I remember toys with huge seam lines, toys that had buttons to make pointless actions and eventually found themselves in the garbage. I went on the hunt to find some kids meal toys that could easily sell as novelty items in any other country!

Angry Pikachu Figure


This is a really cool toy, I like how the seam lines are on the side instead of straight down the middle! This is something I wouldn’t mind having on my desk or at the office.



The Colonel holding a dragon ball is just plain epic!

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Hello Kitty Plushies


These are plushies, not just little key chain toys, these are full blown stuffed animals! And they are so cute! Remember these are Japanese kids meal toys and whats with the “+28?”

Balancing Sasuke


Now there’s a back story behind this poorly constructed toy, that was it wasn’t designed to balance things but somehow, somebody figured out that this toy possessed unique properties and thus the balancing Sasuke was born, who knew weird japanese kids meal toys could be so useful?


Mario Figures and Corn


Awesome mario figures, a Christmas box, and a bowl of corn. okay.


Shoot us a message if you stumble upon any other cool or unique kids meal toys that you wished you had as a child!

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