The Top Funny Amazon Reviews


We all love amazon, it’s convenient, we get to hear actual customer’s opinions on the products, it’s great! But it turns out that some Amazon users have a sense of humor, we stumbled across some very funny Amazon reviews, and compiled a list of the funniest Amazon reviews around, enjoy! (P.S. Some of these reviews might be tiny, click on the image to view the full size screen shot!)

1. Expensive Caviar


This is it! it doesn’t get any better than this, top of the line, $3,000 Caviar! You know only top of the line, elite nobility will be purchasing these! Let’s see what they have to say.

caviar 3caviar 2

caviar tin

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2. Online Milk


Who buys milk online? Let alone one gallon for $74??? Well looks like 1,700 people reviewed this, luckily for you, we sifted through all the reviews to get you the gold! This particular product has gone viral simply because of the funny amazon reviews! You can view the link to the full product here:

Milk 1milk 2

3. Uranium

uranium 1

For all your needs, pick up a can of Uranium! + Free Shipping!

URaniumuranium 2
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Uranium 3

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