Ranked The Best and Worst Airsoft Sponsors

We’ve had our fair share of exposure to the Airsoft industry and various airsoft sponsors. We’ve met a lot of great companies and done a lot of cool things. A lot of our fans have been asking us about our sponsorship activities, who we like, who we dislike, etc… Figured it would be much easier to make an article about it.

If you know anything about WhatAreYouBuyen, we’ve had many many sponsors from drink companies to drones to airsoft companies. However this article will specifically focus on airsoft retailers. (No fields, manufacturers, etc…) We’ll talk about our tech and drink experiences in the future!

Disclaimer: Let me start by first stating that we do not hate anyone who has sponsored us! We’re here to give an honest run down of our sponsorship experiences to our fans. We’re all about the honesty, no matter how brutal it may be! But we are not here to trash any brands, it’s all fair and honest here, business is business! And we’re in the business of product reviews which requires a degree of honesty!

1. AirSplat

airsplat LOGO 125

By far the most involved and interesting sponsor on this list, AirSplat has our hearts with an awesome line of communication directly to the people who matter and openness to our “unique” style of airsoft review. We’ve had a ton of fun with AirSplat over the years!

The run down is that AirSplat allowed us to choose whatever guns we wanted to review. (including the minigun, though we couldn’t keep it!!!) They were very great sports when it come to our infamous VFC UMP GBB Review.  They sent us a ton of branded products, gave us shout outs on their social platforms, and invited us to have epic, double sized booths at all their meetups and events!

We have zero complaints about Airsplat. OTHER THAN the fact that at one point they created a policy that severely limited our video budget in terms of which guns and stuff we could get our hands on. Other than that, we have no qualms with AirSplat and our sponsorship experience with them has truly been an adventure!

2. Airsoft Station

airsoft station 125

Airsoft station was one of our earliest sponsors during a period in our channel where we were in between being a “legit” youtube channel and still being “nobody”.  In this period of time we were really on a video making rampage. Self funding all our reviews and buying all our guns ourselves, AirsoftStation came out of nowhere and helped us save our wallets from imploding! We did create some classics from this period and AirsoftStation was overall great!

I will say in this early period we weren’t able to keep ALL the guns we reviewed from AirsoftStation. (Back then) I know it sounds crazy, “Why would you do a review of a gun you have to return!?” And the only justification we have for that is that our channel was still pretty small and we enjoyed at least being able to make more content while simultainously mastering our trade at airsoft video reviews! And we did get some sweet store credit which we blew on some worthless grenade launcher.


3. Fox Airsoft


We only did one review with these guys, honestly I’ve never even heard of these guys before! Don’t know if they even liked our review… We had a lot of fun filming it, perhaps too much fun!

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4. Airsoft Gi


One day we were passing by and decided to check out their walk in store! We went inside to film a sweet free promo video. We were very polite and kept quiet. One store clerk walked up to us and told us there’s a “no photo policy” in their store…. end of that video and that deal. (The store clerk was very polite of course! Just seems like a stupid policy.)

Years later I heard that the one famous guy from the AirsoftGi videos is actually a huge fan of our reviews! We’re always open to do business but I know you guys have your zillion dollar deal with LevelCap, we wouldn’t want to blow his videos out of the water with our amazing video quality or anything like that…

5. Evike


These guys get the honors of being our very first sponsor…. That was our very first ever sponsored video, and that review was painfully awkward! They actually unsponsored us after that video! (Honestly I don’t blame them either!!!)

Rightfully so, we only heard back from Evike years later when we had over 60,000+ subscribers and our video quality had dramatically improved. Do we hate Evike? Of course not, and their store is really epic!

We really weren’t given much choice in terms of what we get to review. Some of the guns they sent us weren’t so great and we had no choice but to tell our fans the truth! I don’t think Evike was too fond of that, which is strange because they should have expected that if they’ve seen any of our videos…

However, this is twice that we have been officially or unofficially “unsponsored” by evike. We’re always open to a third sponsorship! (While we’re still doing airsoft videos, one day we might move on to other things, it might be sad for some of you guys but that’s life! We’ll train a new channel to take over where we left off!)


It’s been great fun! Business is business and all the companies listed above are awesome and great in their own way! Daniel personally likes Evike (as a retailer) the most! They seem to have a great selection and pricing. Can’t really complain about free guns of course! And we all gotta be professional about these things, no hard feelings, it’s all fun and games! (And a guy filming it…)

And we hope this has answered some of your questions regarding our various sponsorship experiences. Any sponsor is great but some experiences are really special, don’t let one bad sponsor ruin your airsoft video experience!


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