10 Signs That You Might Be Stupid

Have you ever wondered why people are so stupid? Well we got a really high quality article today about some signs you should look out for if you want to avoid being seen as an idiot by your friends and family!

10. You Vape

Vape Photography

This is a tale tale sign that something is wrong with you. I mean you literally inhale vapor that does nothing to you, for what? I mean you must have nothing better to do and here’s the facts: There isn’t enough longitudinal data to confirm whether or not vaping is a health risk or not, but go ahead and wear your fedora and vape all you want!

9. You Read Top 10 Lists


Like come on, you seriously have nothing better to do than read a top 10 list that is filled with stuff you probably already knew! Idiot!

8. You Play League of Legends


You think you’re good because you play a game that takes zero brain power? Okay bro!

7. You Watch Others Play League of Legends


you think you’re good because you watch people who are better than you play League of Legends? Come on bro, get a job!

6. You Have a K-Pop Model as Your Phone Wallpaper


Bro, this isn’t going to help you get a model as a girlfriend! Seriously change it to your kawaii loli waifu instead if you want to higher your chances.

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5. You Support Bernie Sanders


I think we can just end the list at this one….

4. You Spend Thousands of Dollars on Airsoft


Bro…. No matter how real it looks… No matter how “operator” you think you are…. It’s a TOY!

3. You Donate to Kickstarter Projects


Great, I bet you love your awesome pebble watch that can totally do more than an apple watch! Wait, what’s that? Lots of people think the apple watch is dumb too? And you have an even less functional version of an apple watch, oh dear!

2. You take Selfies (Bonus points for using selfie sticks!)


Yes that’s right you, yes your selfie photo will be marked in the pages of history forever! That selfie you took that got 50 likes by all your friends on facebook, yeah that’s going down in all the text books!

1. To be continued….

Ha! You wasted your time reading this article!

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