You Know You’re a Coffee Addict When This Happens…

You know your a coffee addict when you can relate to the following list items. Check this list if at least 4 of the 8 apply to you, you’re addicted to coffee! You’re a coffee addict!

8. You Crave It First Thing in the Morning


You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you start thinking about how you’re going to pour it, the sugar you’re going to add to it, whether you want it hot or cold… All while you’re still laying in bed!

7. You Take Pictures of It


You know it’s going to be all gone soon, you don’t want the moment to end, “Ah, I know, I’ll take a picture of it!” Too bad photos can’t preserve the smell!

6. You Know What This Thing Is



Yeah this thing, you know this is the thing right? You know what it does, how it works, how it makes your coffee taste better. Yeah you know all about this thing…

5. This Looks Delicious to You


Have you ever dreamed of mixing coffee with ice cream? Me too! I love the idea, I can almost taste this in my mouth right now!

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4. You Buy Mugs


Mugs.. You know, those cups with random company logos that seemed to have always been in the cupboard. You never even used them as a kid, and now you’re buying your own!

3. You Want to Watch Anime About It

Source: Wikia
Source: Wikia

Now you can’t get this anime out of your mind, even if you don’t like anime you appreciate the fact that they have an anime about it.

2. You Freak Out When the Whipped Cream is Running Low


I know how it feels when that though rushes through your head and you don’t know if you can make another cup of coffee when the whipped cream is this low.

1. You’re a Coffee Addict…


Just admit it! You can’t deny this simple truth. Trust us, if you admit it you’ll feel much better and you won’t make fun of your friends when they just “have” to stop at the nearest starbucks real quick!

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