Why Are Ricers So Annoying? 6 Things They Do That Pisses Me Off! RAGE!!!

Why are ricers so annoying? We’ve all seen them, those ghetto trash cars that can be annoyingly loud even though they are a 30 year old Honda civic. But there are just some really annoying things ricers do that you just notice every time you see one. What are some of the most obnoxious and annoying things we’ve seen ricers do, check out this list!

1. Annoying Loud Car Exhausts


This is probably the first sign, the dead giveaway that you’re looking at a ricer. You don’t even have to look at it to know that one is driving around. These are often called “fart cans,” “rice trumpets” and other names based on the cow “moo” like noises that come out of these spectacles. When you hear one driving past you, that’s right, they want everybody within a 3 mile radius to look over and see how they trashed their Mom’s old car!

2. Camber

Camber Meme

This is a phenomenon where ricers believe if they angle their wheels sideways, it gives them an edge in their street racing game. In actuality, it takes the edge off, right off their tires! Now normally a slight angle can give a performance boost during turns, however what you see in the picture above provides absolutely NO benefit to the performance nor the look of the car!

3. Black Hood

black hood

You think it’s so cool to put a black hood on your stupid car? you think you’re tricking anyone into thinking that your hood is made of carbon fiber? News flash, everyone will assume you crashed your car and were too poor to find matching replacement parts! This is the stupidest thing ever, you totally killed the resale value of your car. (As if anyone in their right mind would buy a pre-riced car anyways!)

4. Blacked Out Car Emblems


Why do people do this? Again why destroy any value left on your car for something that doesn’t even look good? People actually take their car emblems and spray paint them black because they think it looks cool? It doesn’t look cool! You clearly have nothing better to do with your time. And for those who actually have a life but still want a black emblem, you can buy one on ebay for $20!

ebay black emblem

Show off your fancy Toyota in style!

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5. Tow Hooks + Accessories!


Tow Hooks, you’ve probably seen these round things on the back of cars you think are ugly. These are used to tow the car when the terrible driver crashes or parks in a handicap parking spot. Usually ricers only buy these things for looks but they also want you to think that they actually drive on the tracks where it’s required to have a tow hook. Extra points for hanging accessories on it, Ricers love when you pay attention to the little details on their beloved hand-me-down, piece-of-crap car!

6. Satisfaction!


This is the underlying reason everybody hates ricers! It’s because somewhere deep down inside, we all know ricers get a kick out of wasting their Boba Shop pay check on tasteless car modifications and stupid “upgrades.” We know they enjoy it and we all hate it! We hate seeing money wasted like that! But worst of all, I think most people hate the fact that they could have used that money on something way more useful! It is the satisfaction that ricers get out of their stupid, ugly car that makes us so mad at them!

Anyways, everyone has a hobby and you can spend your money however you want. But one day when you grow up, maybe you’ll look back and realize you wasted your money on stupid car mods to impress people that weren’t really your friends anyways. I don’t hate ricers (And you shouldn’t either!), I just despise the activity of “ricing” and the whole “ricer” culture. Money could have been spent in much better ways!

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