The Best Ways to Get an Airsoft Sponsorship

We’ve been sponsored by many airsoft sponsors and non-airsoft companies. We wanted to share this detailed guide that includes tips on how to get an Airsoft Sponsorship. In the past 6 years of us running our youtube channel, website, and social media, I can tell you that we have developed very good relationships and contacts as well as a love/hate reputation among the airsoft community. Nevertheless, we can pretty much get our hands on any airsoft gun we want. Check out these tips on how to get an airsoft sponsorship!

Have Something Worth Bragging About

You really need to have something worth bragging about in your sponsorship proposal if you ever want to get sponsored. There are hundreds of teams applying for sponsorships to companies all the time and to be quite honest, many companies won’t have time to actually look at your content or social media links. It’s up to you to present yourself in a way that stands out and is appealing to what airsoft companies actually want.

Brag about your subscriber numbers, or if you don’t have a large amount of subscribers, win them over with your incredible photography or video making skills. Don’t have that either? Well you’re in a pretty bad position but not really since even the large airsoft channels aren’t very creative or high quality either! Airsoft videos seem to be in the dark ages. BUT you might be able to brag about your great reputation on the fields (provide photo evidence) and you could get sponsored.

What’s the point of this first and crucial point? That you don’t necessarily need to have a specific large amount of followers in order to get a sponsorship, being able to provide great content, or providing something that the potential sponsor might think is useful can allow for a better chance of getting that sponsorship!

If you don’t have anything worth bragging about, (not even a great logo!) then you really do destroy your chances of getting a sponsorship. Don’t waste their time!


Have a Well Written Sponsorship Proposal

This ties more into business skills, but I can not emphasize enough how many poorly written, one sentence, sponsorship applications I’ve seen. If a company sees an email with poor grammar and very little content, it’s unlikely you will get sponsored. Seriously, take your time, write up a great sponsorship proposal and pro-freed it. Show it to your friends or family and have them gloss over it and see if it looks professional. Not too long, you don’t need a 5 page essay on why you should be sponsored, but remember this proposal is a persuasive deal, so get some details.


We have a team and we r really interested in getting free stuff from your company because we are so popular and have almost 200 subscribers on youtube and 5 instagram followers! We are a huge team and will represent your company and get you guys really popular! Thanx!


Hello (Insert Company Here),

I represent (Insert Team Name Here), we create some of the most engaging and high quality airsoft content at our local field and film studio. Recently, we’ve garnered a lot of attention and feel that it’s time to start working with our fellow airsoft companies. We have (Insert social media fan count here and other brag worthy details). You can check out some of our content here: (Insert the BEST video(s)/Photography you got!)

Again we’re very interested in working with your company and hope we can make some great content that our fans will absolutely love! Looking forward to working with you.

(insert your name here)


Look if you’re reading a tutorial on how to get sponsors, chances are you don’t have any sponsors! You need to realize that probably 1 out of 10 sponsors will actually follow through, so copy and paste your masterfully written email and send it to every airsoft company you can think of! You probably won’t even hear back form half of them, but when one of them finally responds you better be able to pull your weight and professionally communicate with them!

Have Been Sponsored Before

Having been sponsored or having working with any company in any industry is a great way to show your new sponsors that your crappy youtube videos were at least worth something to someone. Sponsorship is also like territory to some of these sponsors show them that their direct competitor has sponsored you before in the past and they might be more inclined to work a good deal with you!

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Contact Small Companies Too

Trust me, getting a sponsorship from Evike is not all it’s cracked up to be, really wasn’t anything special. (And we say that having worked with much more high quality companies). you are also more likely to get in with smaller companies if you think your following is relatively low, though you can always try to apply for a sponsorship with everyone. Don’t forget that small retailers also want to represent their brand too, and sponsorship is a great way for them to get their name out to their target audience!

 Personal Contacts are VERY Useful

Having personal contacts within any company is always a plus. Preferably somebody important, however even a lowly cashier could be helpful. If you have a team business card then hand it to your contact and have them show it to whoever is in charge of sponsorships. Don’t rely on companies to contact you first, this rarely ever happens. Always make the first move and contact these companies on your own. Ask your contact for the business card of the marketing manager and contact them directly.


Have Business Cards (Bonus Points for Patches!)

Okay so if you have 100 fans maybe having business cards is a bad idea. BUT business cards are a great way to grow as well as impress potential sponsors. At many airsoft events, back when we had a messily 15K subscribers, we visited every booth at the events and gave out our business cards. Again remembering that it’s important to ask for a business card in exchange because people RARELY make the first move to contact you. You have something you want form them (sponsorship) and they likely forgot your name by now, so you must email them first!

Have Great Content

Why is this one last? Is it most important or least important? Well truth be told, if no one knows who you are, you could release a really great video and no one would bat an eye. You must have a combination of a marketing mindset as well as a creative content wise approach in order to succeed. It is very rare that youtube channels get very popular, most airsoft channels barley break 1000 and usually stagnate there. Without that marketing and business mindset you will not realize your potential and utilize your alleys of viewership to grow.

Don’t Waste All Your Time Airsofting

Too many teams spend all their time airsofting, not only is this a waste of time (airsoft should be done on occasion not every free day you have!!!) it will also inhibit your growth! Many teams have excuses such as “we don’t have time to learn how to edit”  or “we can’t make enough videos every month!” You do have the time, stop lying to me and to your sponsors! Also don’t upload unedited, go pro gameplay videos to your channel every single day. No one wants to watch you play airsoft! Chances are you’re not MLG and your gameplay footage looks like crap. you also probably suck anyways.

If you’re going to make gameplay videos, at the very least add music to them, or take the extra step and add some interesting commentary.


In conclusion

Chances are, we know what we’re talking about. You need to be able to develop a business and professional mindset anyways if you expect to be more than a McDonalds employee when you grow up. Learning how to best advertise yourself to different companies is one of the best skills you could possible have in a professional career. Learn it from us, the #1 totally most professional airsoft channel in existence!

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