Why Do People Vape? Are Vapers Stupid Morons? RAGE!

Why do people vape actually? If you’re wondering this exact question then you aren’t alone. It seems like such a strange activity, to suck vapor that doesn’t have any significant effects on the body/mind other than to satisfy a habit or maybe obtain nicotine. Naturally, as a product review website, we became curious about this phenomenon that sparked a multi-billion dollar industry. What is it about vaping that has so many fedora wearing beardos hooked on it?

Are Vapers Stupid Morons With Nothing Better to Do?

Possibly! We’ve seen a lot of forum discussions that end in either, “Vapers are retarded” or “Vapers do it for the nicotine to get off smoking!” To be honest, neither of these answers are satisfactory. On the one hand you have a very short and judgmental answer, “Because vapers are stupid” -which doesn’t actually address the root of the problem nor is it a deep analysis by any means.

“Because someone is stupid” is never a reason for anything!

Stupid is an enabler that enables people to make decisions that maybe aren’t the brightest, but stupid is never THE REASON. The reason things are seen as “stupid” is exactly because there is reasoning behind it, but the reasoning behind it is so misguided or incorrect that it’s seen as “stupid!” If there is no reasoning behind it, we call that crazy or insane, but not necessarily stupid.

To Safely Get Off Smoking While Still Getting Nicotine?

We’re heard this excuse before, and quite frankly it’s an excuse. People who claim to be on it to get off cigarettes end up being stuck on vaping. Smoking is a hard habit to break, and changing from cigarettes to vapes is merely switching from one senseless addiction to another.

To go further in depth, based on information from Harvard.edu, we can ascertain that the vaping industry has grown larger in recent years AND the Combustible Cigarette industry has fallen.  What does this show? It does show that it’s highly likely many smokers have switches from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs or vapes.

However, what is also very interesting about the data is that the e-cig industry grew larger than the combustible cigarette industry has ever been in the past three years!

This greatly suggests that the e-cig industry has brought on board many people who have never smoked in their lives, a contradiction to the “I do it to get off cigs” excuse, ithe very least it does not apply to the majority of vapers. That aside, vaping has been very beneficial to helping people get off smoking and has had many positive impacts on those truly trying to get off cigarettes.

However if this were the case, while smoking is going down, eventually vaping should go down if everyone is really getting off nicotine addiction. The vaping industry is only expected to grow bigger and bigger in the coming years. It must be the case that more people are picking up vaping, or continuing to vape than those who are getting off of it. *On average it takes about 3 months to get off smoking!

So What’s The Real Reason People Vape?

It’s difficult to ascertain what exactly is going on in somebody’s mind, in fact most people don’t even know the reasons why they do the things they do until looking at it retrospectively. This is why often, the best way to understand why people vape is to look at those who have vaped, but who have also quit vaping. Their reasoning for why they quit vaping is often quite insightful as to seeing why they did vape, and often less bias than those creating excuses to defend so desperately why they currently vape.

vape douche

Based on testimony from many ex-vapers, I have been able to compress the general stories into the following reasoning. To paraphrase a very common reasoning, “I vaped because I thought it was cool at the time. Now I realize it was a huge waste of money and that no one could ever possibly look cool while vaping.” Another reasoning paraphrased, “Vaping made me feel like an elite, I felt I was above others (especially smokers!), I literally felt like I had powers, like I was one of those epic villains in a movie smoking… it felt really good to be honest! But I realized how lame it was after 3 years and wasting thousands of dollars.”

One Reddit user brilliantly pointed out that vaping has an entire community and almost a cult following behind it. Which did not make any sense how inhaling vapor could be seen as a hobby or community thing? No one ever saw smoking as a hobby. This brilliant observation however points out a fatal truth to why people get into vaping, it has a cult appeal.

The Vaping Cult

Many, many people who testified to vaping often cited that the number one reason they got into it was because a friend or family member tried to convince them to get into it. Yeah when you think about it, smoking (sorry for all you snobs out there, I mean vaping) is not ordinarily seen as a hobby or some sort of recreational activity to be respected. However it has almost a cult appeal, a very welcoming and closed circuit community of friends and vapers.

Vape shops often have a lounge like atmosphere, using terms like “vape bar” and “vape lounge” to make vaping feel like a community of elites who willingly harden their arteries and damage their lungs via vaping. (There isn’t enough longitudinal evidence to suggest that vaping is NOT a health risk, there is a lot more evidence that suggests the opposite.) This “Vape Culture” has sparked a wave of people who seem to have no place or purpose feel as if though they now belong or are apart of something bigger than themselves. This is what it means to be a part of a movement, it is to feel connected or tied to something “important.”

Vapers Have Nothing Better To Do

Having discussed the concept of a “Vape Cult,” we must now dive deeper into the true reason someone would actually consider becoming part of a movement or wanting to be a part of the “cool kids” vaping cub. I think there is a lot of ground to cover in something like this, so for the sake of brevity we will jump to the conclusion that most people who want to vape do so because they have a gap or hole in their life that is covered when they vape. I use the word “cover” precisely because the hole in their life is still there, however vaping provides a temporary covering over the hole, however the hole in their life is not filled.

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This could be anything from lack of a significant other to lack of a satisfactory social or financial position in life. The reasoning are endless but ultimately is can be assumed that a general lack of substance in one’s life is what leads someone to take up the “hobby” of vaping. And this is another reason vaping, unlike smoking, is viewed as a hobby rather than an addiction, because vaping acts as a mechanism to add meaning into one’s life.

Is Vaping a Pointless Activity?

It has been argued that vaping is a pointless activity because it does not provide a significant stimulating or euphoric effect on the mind. It has been argued that vaping’s only purpose is to serve nicotine to those who crave it whilst avoiding the risks of smoking tobacco. If this is the sole purpose of vaping, then vaping has a purpose. However, as discussed before the vape industry has many new comers who have never smoked before in their lives. Why vape?

Yes as stated before it can fill a hole in one’s life, it can make someone look and feel “cool” and it can help pass the time away as someone sits at a vape lounge and connects with like minded vapers. Vaping can be seen as a social activity just like another other hobby, however vaping is also often combined with an addictive chemical that keeps people hooked on the activity. Vaping is extremely expensive, costing the average vaper much more than the average smoker in a projected lifetime. Those who toil with various vape mechanics to learn a great deal about electricity and coils however nothing to the extent of practical engineering. (Unless one wishes to create vapes.)

It does appear that vaping, not the act, but the side effects such as community, socializing, and engineering can provide some benefits to its users but beyond that, the actual act of vaping is nothing more than a time suck and a money wasting activity. One can learn about coils and electricity through other means besides vapes. To put things into a more direct, in-your-face perspective, try putting “vaping” on your resume and see how that improves your professional life. It’s not going to! Even if you apply at a vape shop.

Should I Quit Vaping?

Absolutely! If you are a vaper or vape frequently you should without a doubt discontinue the activity. I use the word “frequently” because again, the social and community benefits of vaping are positive, and if you can balance the positive effects with the negative effects of time suck, then vaping on occasion might not be such a bad thing. (Though one can be a part of a community without necessarily vaping.) People spend hundreds of dollars on vapes, modifications, parts, and vape juice all for the sake of inhaling some vapor (That they don’t even know if it is harmful to them or not) and then subsequently exhaling it all out of their system.

They are literally burning away their money. Unlike vehicles which burn gasoline in exchange for mileage, vaping burns liquid in exchange for an aesthetic effect that lasts merely seconds before dissipating into the environment or most commonly, their mom’s basement. One should never be proud of the money they have wasted on vaping and one should indeed be ashamed for creating a culture that invited those who have never smoked before in their life to get addicted to something supposedly designed to get smokers off the habit.

We know that’s not the real reason most people vape, don’t kid yourself and don’t use it as an excuse if you have no plans to quit vaping either! Blow your money away on vaping if you want, if you enjoy it then that’s your choice, but it’s a very stupid and idiotic choice indeed.

Update 2/22/216: 


Almost instantly after posting this article, we have been banned from the Vaping subreddit. Is our analysis of why vaping is a waste of money (for most people but not everyone) bias? No, it’s an article that has a point, it is pointed but it is not bias. It seems as if people, specifically current vapers, are taking this article to be a bash on every hobby in existence. In reality, you can learn a lot from certain other hobbies which can even evolve into a real profession such as photography, skating, or even paintball. But wait, some vapers get sponsored, win contests, and cash, is that not a benefit? Well of course it is, but chances are you’re not one of them, so don’t bring up a defense used to defend your own activities if that defense doesn’t even apply to you!

It’s important to note that skating, photography, and some other hobbies actually provide a benefit, usually in the form of APPLICABLE professional knowledge (photography) or exercise, fitness and coordination (sports). So even if you don’t get that sponsorship or win contests or cash, these hobbies in themselves serve to bring extra quality to ones lives. In our analysis of vaping, it seems as if vaping is merely used an a means to an end. That end being to quit smoking, get instagram famous, get a sponsorship, or whatever, but if the end is never reached then you’re stuck performing a pointless activity. (Unless you truly enjoy the act of vaping because you think you look “cool”.)

To be fair, we have provided a clear, logical and reasonable analysis, that is specific to the vaping hobby itself and not other hobbies. I challenge you who think you have a better defense against this article to actually take your time and provide a logical, in depth reasoning against us.

Specifically, please provide reasoning as to why someone should vape. Reasoning that goes beyond what we’ve already mentioned in our analysis, nicotine, community, etc.. Or expand upon our reasoning and explain how those benefits alone are reason enough to get someone who has never smoked before, into vaping. You must also balance the lifetime benefits vs the lifetime cost of vaping, mods, juice, health risks, etc… Seriously, we’re asking you to provide a REAL argument against us, not some one paragraph shallow, emotional defense against the only “hobby” that gives your life meaning.

Until then, if banning us is the best rebuttal you guys got, then you’re only reinforcing my point about the “Vape Cult!” Take that vape out of your mouth for 5 minutes and try to think of a logical argument for once, perhaps thinking logically for the first time in your life may sway you to drop that vape in the trash, where it belongs!

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