How to Work Hard and Accomplish Great Things, It’s In the Mind

We all want the good life, money, health, wealth, and great accomplishments under our belt. How to work hard and accomplish great things is not a simple, step by step process. If you want to read “7 tips on Working Hard” you’re going to be given 7 generic, uninspired ideas and cheap shortcuts on how to work hard.

We’re not here to give you quick tips on how to work hard, and if you’re seeking a short, step by step, web article that has easy to digest steps, you’re not in the right mindset to work hard and get things done! There is only one thing that will help one work hard and get things done and this is acted out in many ways.

It’s All in the Mindset!

Your hand will not move unless your brain tells your hand to move, in the same way you will not be able to get work done if your brain doesn’t tell you to. And of course, unless you’re telling yourself that you need to get work done, you won’t get anything done. We naturally want to lean back, grab a drink and watch netflix all day long. Our flesh has a special influence over us that simple makes it easy for us to simply not get anything done. To put it simply, our body naturally doesn’t want to work hard, it wants frequent breaks, it wants rewards, relaxation, and to feel happy at all times.

If you want to get work done you must gain control of your feelings and desires. Part of cognitive psychology tells us that problems such as depression comes from abnormal thinking patterns. Depressed people continually think that life is meaningless, hopeless, or dreary, these thoughts come in and once the habit starts, it’s difficult for them to stop thinking negative things. In the same way that cognitive psychology explains depression, I really believe laziness and lack of work ethic can be explained the same way.

People complain all the time that, “Work is boring,” or “I hate work!” But what exactly do thinking patterns such as this do to a person? Perhaps it causes people to form this mental thought pattern that leads them to dislike work. No matter what kind of work they are doing, no matter how fun their work may or may not be, this though pattern will always cause them to tell themselves that “work sucks!” and all they desire is to take a break, relax, play video games, whatever.

Watch Movies About It

Have you ever watched a movie about a super successful person, such as “Wolf of Wall-street” and right after watching the movie you had this sort of high, you felt this induced urge to become a stock broker or a millionaire. Of course, the next day you will go back to your regular cycle, hate work, procrastinate, all around, not getting things done.  Why do we feel this urge of motivation after watching a movie like that?

Let’s think about cognitive psychology again, you’ve been sitting around for a few hours watching a movie about a guy making millions of dollars. The entire time your mind has been taking in this imagery and seeing other people working hard and you begin forming patterns that can reflect the characters in the movie. You can in a way be induced by the movie and develop thinking patterns based on this, it usually goes away after a day or so.

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This is because you have not been thinking thoughts like this for very long, so the effects of course are limited. If you want to achieve better work ethic and accomplish bigger things you need to begin thinking, on a regular basis, how good working hard actually is. You need to be able to develop better thinking habits, and while it can be helped by watching movies like this, I’m not advising that you binge on these movies or watch them every single day in order to achieve hardworking thinking patterns.

Surround Yourself With Hard Workers

You spend your day working at some fast food place or a department store, there’s a pretty high chance that you’re surrounded by other employees who hate their job, complain a lot,  or don’t really do a great job. Perhaps your bad work ethic came from being surrounded by these people. Not only are your thoughts important to keep under control, but the thoughts and actions of the people around you can help contribute to the problem. Again, I’m not suggesting that you drop your job in desperation to get away from these people, but you should consider surrounding yourself with great people and hard workers.

Get Out of the House

After work or after school you should consider attending events. There’s many startup and entrepreneur events, there’s many business networking events, just leek them up online and you should find some local networking events. Go out to these events and meet some people, preferable successful business owners or hard workers. And just talk to them or if people are presenting, sit and really listen to what they have to say. Chances are, if they are a hard working person, some of the advice or things that are coming out of their mouth should reflect the hard working thinking patterns of their mind.

Allow yourself to be  surrounded by the greatest and hardest working minds, similarly to how watching a success movie can help get you in the mindset, so being surrounded by great people can help you out. And even better, if you can make a hard working friend at this event, unlike movies, you should be able to spend time with your friends, see them regularly and get in that hard working mindset on a daily basis! If all your friends are lazy, uninspiring, or pathetic, you’re not doing any good for yourself or your mindset.  Perhaps once you achieve that powerful hard working mindset, you can go back and influence some of your friends.

Success is Good! Riches are Good!

It’s not very often that you hear someone say wealth is good. These days we always hear people complaining about the rich, the wealth gap, the economy, etc… Do not get yourself sucked into this mindset. As Nietzsche the great existential philosopher wrote about, our morals have been inverted. The poor invert morality in order to suit their agenda. People have made being rich seem like an immoral thing, this anger and jealousy of riches have caused an entire culture against the rich and successful.

People forget that a lot of hard work is required in most cases for these very successful people, and these sad, desperate poor people seek anything they can to make themselves feel better. Instead of acknowledging the truth that they are lazy, pathetic, poor individuals, these people have inverted the very values of society and claimed, “behold! I am poor, which means I am a victim, a humble, blameless victim of the rich!” The make themselves feel better by upholding their flaws rather than admitting the problem.

Humans don’t want to do things that they think are evil, humanity has done some terrible things, but in many instances these evil people (such as terrorists) have been convinced that what they are doing is actually good! Believing that your actions are good can lead you to do some extreme things. Believe that getting rich, working hard, getting work done is good and you will accomplish more things than you ever thought possible!

You must learn to respect those who are richer than you, acknowledge the hard work that they have done to get into that position in life, and tell yourself that you can work hard, and that hard work is good. Only then will you develop a better habit to work hard and it will come naturally to you!

Everything You Do, Do It Diligently

You probably aren’t working your dream job right now, but do you think doing your current job lazily, short cutting work, and doing an overall poor job is doing you any favors? Remember cognitive psychology, how acting lazy, short cutting your day job and doing a bad job influencing your thinking patterns?

There have been many testimonies from millionaires and successful entrepreneurs who have noticed that as they began running their company, as they were getting in the mindset to work hard, they noticed they were cleaning up more, spending more time doing mundane tasks such as taking care of their health, preparing better lunches for themselves, in everything they did, they began realizing how they were working harder at it!

Developing a better mindset starts with doing all tasks diligently. This is not to be misunderstood as taking too much time on every project you do. But take the necessary time, do the job properly and do what’s enough to do an good job on it. Don’t shortcut yourself, or do the job to the extent that you can look back and say with certainty that you did not shortcut the job. In everything you do, do it diligently and you will continue to temper your mind and develop that hard working mindset that you need to succeed.

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