Vaping is Pointless and Vapers Can’t Defend it Logically

How We Humiliated the Vaping Legion

Having had some interactions with the “vape community” it’s really come to my attention that Vapers don’t know how to argue, they can defend the activity in any rational way, and vaping is pointless. I have some screen shots of the vape legion, a sad group of vapers, and their attempt to sabotage our facebook page.

Not only were they completely destroyed and humiliated, but their “arguments” are so bad, I think it would make a great article for the website! Enjoy everybody! The “Vape Legion” made a huge mistake trying to “destroy” us and if they’re smart they probably will never make that mistake again!

vaping legion

The vaping legion has been summoned! Let’s see their rebuttal to our very detailed and organized argument against the activity of vaping. I’m sure there won’t be any immature insults thrown right? These guys are totally adults who suck on vapes all day!


We don’t do this to “troll” people, honestly I think vaping is a huge mistake that many people pick up. (Including some very close friends.) And it really and it really has ruined some people’s lives, mainly financially but also social lives have been wrecked because of this thing called the “vape community.” Which is really just a big scam orchestrated by the vape industry to get vapers to spend more money. We have really already covered it in much more detail in this article here! 

If there is one thing I am very good at, it’s arguing a position I feel very strongly about. You’re not going to win and it’s evident that resorting to posting meme pictures was all the pathetic vape legion could to to “refute” my points. Let’s go down the list of pathetic arguments shall we? 😀

1. The “Stop Replying!” Humiliation

vape funny 1b

First of all what is “GI Jane,” I guess it’s some sort of nick name this guy made up to try and insult airsoft? I really don’t get it.

I guess these guys thought they hit me pretty hard with the whole “Stop replying”  insult. But we hit him 10X harder with their own game and it shuts them up. Go figure vape legion can’t argue! And this is what internet conversation has devolved to! Seriously, if you read the original article we presented out the argument pretty neatly, points, facts, sources, etc.. and THIS is the best the vape legion has? Oh boy!

2. The “You’re an Idiot” Argument

stupid arguement sss

His conclusion was that I’m “obviously an uneduacted idiot.” Wow really great argument.

Now allow me to educate you Danny! You made a stupid choice to become addicted to cigarettes in the first place! You already messed up buddy! And now you’re using vaping as an escape when in reality you’re still totally dependent and addicted to nicotine and the activity of vaping. You have not changed one bit and you are not better from your nicotine addiction. You use the “I got off smoking” as an excuse to justify you NEW ADDICTION!!!

I thought vapes were supposed to get you off nicotine and smoking, yet people say “now I vape” as if they have no intention of getting off of it. Just what the companies want!

3. The “You’re Hurting the Vape Community” Argument

vape funny 3

This one was so simple to refute. Again as we mentioned before in in this article herethe vape “community” is just a scam to get people to spend more money to be part of the “cool” kids club.

But just as easily as they want to defend their precious community, so the argument can be reversed. Hey I’m just defending a community of bright minded individuals who actively make a choice not to vape! The anti-vape community is a community that saves lives too man! Easy win! I didn’t even have to try on this one…

Go ahead make fun of airsoft all you want, we do it as well!

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4. Resorting to Insults

vape funny 4b

The saddest thing about this response is that is isn’t even remotely true! “We’re making fun of you.” When our name was not mentioned once and they are clearly against the sport of airsoft as a whole. Really just this one screen shot is enough to destroy their “gatcha” response, which really wan’t so good.

Our response:Funny I don’t see our name mentioned anywhere in this screen cap of the conversation. So you lied? One screen shot it all it took to refute your claim!

You must really enjoy making yourself look like an idiot in public. I mean you vape, so you already do it on a daily basis! You should stop vaping, join the anti-vape community! 😀 We’re here to help you buddy! (screenshot attached)”

5. Thanks for Giving Us Page Views and Money!!! $$$$

legion poop

I really hope the Vape Legion shares our post again, it was a lot of fun thank you guys so much! And we posted this as a separate picture post on our facebook page. Within hours , I took this new screen shot below!


WOW you guys are fantastic! Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed this!

Why Hate on Vaping?

We run a product review website, it’s basically our job to help people know what they should be buying and what they should avoid. We’re here to help people not go broke or make unwise investments. Vaping is both an unwise investment on ones money and time.

And if you’re doing it to get off smoking, then you should certainly be willing to get off vaping as well. But the tentacles of the sinister “vape community” has caused people to get sucked into buying mods, and vape juice, and all sorts of crap that they don’t need to have a high standard of living.

This is What The Internet Has Become

Not one single person presented a good counter argument to our article, it was a really good, thoughtful, well written article and the best response we got were insults and getting banned from the vaping sub-reddit. The internet has allowed like minded individuals to gather, and only be surrounded by other like minded people. It sounds like a “dream” but in reality is has cause social instability and problems among chronic internet users.

We were accused of being “idiots” and children.” In real life you will meet all sorts of people who have differing view points on certain subjects, are you going to just insult everybody you meet who has a different opinion than you? Well most likely no because these guys lack any real sort of social skills, they will most likely suck their vape silently, while ranting about it on facebook or reddit. You should learn to be a little more open minded, discuss differing view points comfortable with individuals, and have a more united society as a whole!

What is all this crap about the “vape community” when we can be united as people! You are the ones who are creating divides because you can’t cope with differing opinions, it’s really pathetic! We write these types of articles to help others. You should be glad that some people aren’t mindless robots who conform to the latest industry money suck! We’re here to help those who want it, primarily by influencing better spending decisions!

Be smart with your money and your health! Thank you! 😀

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