4 Things to Know About McDonald’s In Korea

So you’re planning on visiting Korea or you’re just interested in what a Korean McDonald’s is like, here’s what to expect!

1. Meals Are Cheap!

IMAG3010 (small)

Chicken’ N Cheese Muffin + Hashbrown + Small Iced Coffee. Good meal, filling and tasty. Waaaay better than bulgogi burger, don’t even bother!!!

IMAG3010 (receipt)

3700 South Korean Won which is roughly $3.20 (as of 3/2016) Compared to the cost of a breakfast meal in America $5 – $7, that’s a good deal!

2. Small Means Extra Small!

IMAG3000 (small)

It’s difficult to tell from my picture above, but small is more like those coffee Dixie cups they have at work. You know those 8oz paper Dixie cups that fill up with ice so easily and barley hold any liquid. Medium is more like an American Small, and of course Large is more like an American Medium.

The burger however, seemed about the right size!

Also the fries were TINY! (Not size, but quantity!)

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3. It Can Be The Only Option!

IMAG3001 (small)

The entire country of Korea apparently has this strange habit of not waking up til 11:00 AM. This means that with the exception of 7-11, literally nothing else might be open! Knowing where McDonalds is could save your life! (or shorten it…)

 4. Don’t Speak Korean? Good Luck!

This is true basically for most of the population of Korea. You’re going top have a hard time getting around without Google translate! Luckily you can either point at the pictures or say the numbers. If they don’t know English words, at least they might know English numbers! They sing ’em all the time in their Korean music, heck they even have K-pop groups named after numbers!

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