A Tour Of What Could Have Been Our Future Offices

So if anyone has seen our apple watch review, you know we had access to some really nice offices! But that was back then and this is now…

apple watch review

Now we have to go find our own place to set up HQ. Why? Because there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and working from our houses is not really the best option when we all need to get together for filming, writing website articles, etc… It’s fun for chilling out, filming some airsoft reviews, etc, but getting actual work done? Nope!

A Look At Our Potential Film Studio

IMAG3776 - Copy

With a professional video studio we could pump out high quality videos almost on a daily basis. Now we do take days off where we write articles and do other types of postings, but we could really expand our video network. Some of you know, besides the product reviews we also have a gaming channel and music projects.

IMAG3783 - copy

Check out this beautiful lobby and work area. I think we can set up desks in this place for the interns to work from. This office has multiple rooms, storage, studio, and meetings.

IMAG3777 - copy

It certainly isn’t the same as the location we were filming the Apple Watch review in, but I think we could really spruce up the place, give it a modern appeal!

IMAG3777 - copy222

Yeah check out the ultimate gaming studio!

So what do you think? Would you be down to see our videos produced from the studio? Did you like our apple watch review?

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