NetworkOfOne is a Ripoff, A Warning To Other YouTubers

NetworkOfOne is a company that tries to solicit youtubers into forfeiting over all the future earnings of some of their videos, in exchange for a one time payment. What could possibly be worse than seeing this kind of scum bag garbage in your email address? Small YouTubers who fall for this crap.

The “Deal” Explained

Us, and many other content creators have been barraged with emails from a company called NetworkOfOne, with a really “great” offer. To put it simply, they asked us if we were interested in allowing them to Content ID match a few of our top viewed videos in exchange for about $1K, one time payment.

The reason a deal like this is so stupid, not only is $1k extremely small, considering these videos will make that amount in 1 – 3 months (depending on the view counts), but NetworkOfOne will essentially profit from our videos for all eternity (in perpetuity). Why would anyone in their right mind think that this is a good deal? Unless you were so desperate for the money right now that you can’t wait a few months, this is a stupid deal and if you agree to this deal you are stupid.

In our experience, emailing them was a waste of time, from lack of response, to extremely unprofessional and vague answers to our questions. They kept bragging about how their company is “youtube certified” as if that had any merit.

Here’s a reddit post explaining this garbage company even further.

Is It a Scam?

The definition of a scam is, “a dishonest scheme; a fraud.” No, we are not saying that NetworkOfOne is a scam, because they are very upfront and honest about what their deal is, and how long (perpetuity) such a deal will last. We are not calming that they are a scam or a fraud in any way.

However, we will say that the manner in which they present themselves, as if this is a such a wonderful “deal” for youtubers, is inflated trash. They use words such as, “investment” or “invest” as if we (youtube creators) are really getting a good thing out of it!


They are contacting you to make money off your videos in the long run. Unless they were offering you $100K for your video, it might be worth it, but I doubt a company this unprofessionally run even has that much cash to spare. (And by unprofessionally run, if you have ever been contacted by any of their “agents”, well, it should be obvious by the way they communicate with their potential “investments.”)

Failing NetworkOfOne probably won’t be around long enough to really profit from their “investments” anyways.

Until then, we warn those who have been contacted by this pathetic excuse of a company, do not accept their deal. You’re most likely better off ignoring it.

…By the way, if you look them up on youtube, they have a lot of these cringe worthy “testimonial” type videos, I wouldn’t trust a word coming from these people’s mouths. Most of the ones I’ve seen, reuse the same talking points, “founders of machinima,” “Youtube certified,” , etc… Stuff that really means nothing to us in terms of “credibility.”

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