We’re Starting a Patreon

PATREON LINK: https://www.patreon.com/WhatAreYouBuyen?ty=h

That’s right folks, we’re getting ready to take our channel to the next level, we’re so close to 100K subscribers and we’ve really established our formula for video reviews. ON TOP OF THAT, we have been contacted by many tech companies and products to get into a lot more reviews. It’s time for us to take the production a little more seriously, crack down on video production, and bring you guys the content that you want!


What we do is product reviews, but not just any ordinary product reviews. We bring our fans the kind of laugh out loud content that only we know how to create. We can take anything from an airsoft gun to an Apple Watch and make an entertaining product review that even people who aren’t interested in the product can find funny and informative!

We’re on a track to success with our channel, after 6+ years of doing this since high school, we’re finally ready to take this channel into full gear and pursue this full time, but we need your help!


The reason we have turned to Patreon is to enable the expansion of our content and production. We want to be able to experiment with new types of content without risking 1 or 2 entire months worth of youtube earnings just to buy a product to review or set up a video.

However, first and foremost, we would like to purchase our own studio, and finally begin producing content, professionally, and consistently. Without that studio, without the ability to meet up in a professional environment designed specifically to film videos, our productions will not be as frequent as we’d like! Our goal for our studio is at least $2K per month. (That’s not too hard of a goal to hit!)

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Yes we do have our options opened, and we already have some great venues ready for us to rent out!

next level

Any amount of funding will help us, and we’re hoping that this new avenue of funding will help bring our channel to the next level and beyond! The comment we see constantly on our videos is, “you guys deserve more subscribers!” Maybe we also agree, but we also know if we want to grow bigger, we must earn it! And we can’t do that without a steady stream of new content.

Some new content we want to introduce to the channel:

  • Tech Product Reviews
  • Real Gun Videos
  • Live Streams
  • Gaming Videos
  • Event Coverage


If there’s one thing we are really known for, it’s our incredible cinematography and editing! We are very lucky to have talented people on our team who know their stuff when it comes to film making, however that talent is wasted when we are only able to pump out one video per month and are restricted to certain genres of products.

Our fans know fully well that just about any avenue we choose to pursue, we would do a fantastic, well produced job at it!

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