WhatAreYouBuyen Logos 2009 – 2016 Explained and History

Joined Dec 21, 2009, a random youtube channel was created to review random things! Airsoft, manga, pianos… basically whatever trash was laying around the house got a “review.” Talk about having nothing better to do right?

Cringe Logo 2009

icon - Copy (2)5

The meaning behind this logo: It’s a blatant reference to Resident Evil 4, the merchant that says, “What are you buying stranger?” Except he has an Australian accent, so it sounds more like “Buyen” than “buying.” Plus for some reason, “WhatAreYouBuying” was taken. But we’re not going to give those guys any free promotion. (if their youtube channel even still exists…)

Wow look at that logo! “What Are You Buyen? Mayte!” Are you ready to cringe?

This is just a random phrase that one of our friends said long ago, and (at the time, remember we were barley in highschool at this time) we thought it was the most hilarious thing… I know, I know, it’s pretty bad even to kids these days…

15,000 Subscribers Logo Change 2013

August, 2013, a new logo will quickly become one of the most recognized airsoft patches on fields today! (Distributed to a lot of CQB airsoft fields). When people see this logo, I think the first thing everyone thinks is, “Airsoft!”  and how funny these videos can be.

WAYB ICON smaller

The meaning behind this logo: This is a less obvious reference to Resident Evil 4, not that we have anything against that game, but I think it’s a lot “cooler” when the references aren’t so obvious! For those who do get it, I think the payoff is more rewarding. If there even is a payoff.

This logo was designed specifically to become an airsof patch! The inspiration for this design came at a time when “retro” logos were cool, a lot of throwback and retro things were popping up at this time, I would know, we remember shooting a lot of “throwback” P**** and C*** drinks. (Non-sponsors don’t get free shout outs.) Specifically, this design idea came after playing a video game called Bioshock:Infinite. (Video game sponsors get free shout outs because they don’t really need re-promotion.)

The steampunk looks and retro designs really inspired us and this logo is kind of just an attempt to refine the “WhatAreYouBuyen” brand and at least make it look like a logo for a channel with over 15K subscribers. There is no deep or hidden meaning behind this logo to be honest, just reviews and fun stuff. It’s just a channel, a group of friends who meet up after school and have fun times while filming it.

Airsoft Sponsor After Sponsor! They Were Basically Disposable!

By this time, we realized airsoft was our “thing.” We picked up a lot of sponsors from E****.com to A*****.com. In fact, just when we picked up one major sponsor and made an epic video, conveniently another major sponsor would get in touch with us and try desperately to work out a great new sponsorship “deal”  with us. But most of you know how the story goes, sponsored or not, if we think the gun sucks, we will say it!

Most new sponsors don’t last for long! Want to give a free shout out to Airsplat.com for being one of the best sponsors, even though now they have somehow disappeared since changing ownership, it’s a shame really. They stuck around when we smashed their guns and when we praised them, the minigun review we did for them got over 1 million views!

Awesome Patches


Check out these iconic patches, distributed to airsoft fields and players nation wide! (Maybe even some of these patches can be found around the world.) Whenever a fan recognized us on the fields, we would reward them with a free patch! We usually also sold our patches at airsoft events whenever we had booths (or didn’t have booths).

We will probably continue to use these patches for airsofting purposes! It’s a great design and it’s definitely meant to be a patch! However, a T-shirt design, website logo, or business card? This logo just doesn’t work and who could take a company seriously with a logo like that? Hardly even airsoft companies at this point!

It was a very fun ride, rising from 15,000 subscribers to over 75,000 in less than 3 years. (I know, about time!) Many of our videos broke over 1 million views and we just kept at it with the comedy, the cinematography, the amazing video editing, and the pissing off of an entire industry as we smashed guns to bits.

It’s a lot of fun! Though I can’t say dealing with the industry or telling the average person, “We make airsoft videos” is really all too fun. Honestly, not a lot of respect is earned.

Our first tech review featuring non-airsoft sponsors such as Parrot MiniDrones and Tentacle Grape soda! I have to tell you, working with tech sponsors and soda sponsors is a LOT more fun and feels a lot more accomplished than working with airsoft sponsors, I’m just going to be honest with you! Putting on our resume that we worked with Parrot, or ForeverSpin, or soda companies is a lot more impressive to normal people than “airsoft companies” that nobody has ever heard of or cares about.

78,000 Subscriber Logo Update? 2016

Technically speaking, we should actually have 100K subs at this point, just sayen…


I understand, some of our content is offensive, silly, or just down right stupid! We do it to entertain the fans, and when we appeal to a very specific industry or type of people, we really alienate the rest of the world. Good to know we SHOULD have been at 100K by now, so time for a new logo!

WAYB FIRE LOGO Square 720p

Behold! The new, modern 2016 logo we have been waiting for! It’s clean, it’s simple, and it doesn’t represent only airsoft, but it could be applied to a tech channel, a gaming channel, anything really. BEST OF ALL, it’s chocked full of hidden references and ideas. This is not your generic fire logo, this is the new emblem for WhatAreYouBuyen!

The meaning behind this logo: Obviously it is a reference to RE4, and this time, while being subtle, I think it won’t be obvious to everyone who lays eyes on it, but at least it’s not as blatant as our first logo! Need to stay true to our roots and inspiration right? But let’s examine this logo a little further.

new logo explained

Here is the blue fire which always accompanied the merchant from Resident Evil 4. We have tried fire logos in the past, but none of them really captured that look we were really going for, it just kind of felt generic or stupid to be honest!

Hidden Meanings

Besides representing the blue fire from the RE4 Merchant, this logo has a lot of other “meanings” or interpretations, maybe I’m just looking into this too much or maybe we’re just making all of this up and it’s really just a blue fire logo, who knows?


wayb logo SECRETTTS

What’s the POINT: Every point in this shape counts for a letter in the phrase, “WhatAreYouBuyen.” Really! Check the image above! Follow the logo along the points and spell out that phrase! Inverted points, round shape “technical” pixel points don’t count, sorry! Don’t try to be a smart ass about it!

The people who designed this logo are really brilliant! Shout out to Bizurk Software for being the most amazing designers ever! http://www.bizurk.net 


Question Mark secret

Isn’t the phrase, “WhatAreYouBuyen” actually a question? Yes it is, but you’ve been staring at the question mark this whole time!

Okay… maybe this one is a little forced, but it’s entirely plausible okay?

Anything Else?

The gradient and geometric shapes in the logo reflect that of a more professional, tech oriented brand. We hope this logo will serve us well as we attempt to be taken more seriously by bigger and more demanding industries.

Fire is generic, I know. You see fire logos everywhere from logo templates to presidential campaigns. But in our case, this fire has some relevance to the origin of our name and to the fact that we will be the “hottest” product review channel ever! 😉

Okay so this one is really a stretch, but what if the “you” in whatareyoubuyen is actually represented by the shape of the fire in that of a “U?” Yes!  No? Is that one too forced, okay.

What about the fire, symbolizing your cash burning away as you “buy” things? And our channel’s attempt to stop you from burning your money? NO?

okay, I’ll stop now… .

Honorable Mentions

In our pathetic attempts to re-brand ourselves as something we just were not. (At the time anyways).

WAYB logo little

Here’s that stupid blue fire logo again, this was waaay back when this website first launched. The blue fire is hidden in the “Y” which is supposed to be like the stand that the fire burns in. It just looks really bad! But we rolled with it for a while, exclusively on this website only.

Barcode Logo small

Now this one is kind of cool, still a bit generic looking, but I could have seen this as a T-shirt design or something. I think we even did a T-shirt design for it. But this one, again felt bland, generic, and since we were exclusively airsoft, it didn’t attach!

David Card Front

The only reason this logo exists, is because one of our friend’s signature looks was a red tie with a suit and jacket. (No Trump did not hang out with us… unfortunately…. )

As you can see, the cleverness in this design with a hidden “W,” but still, we were not “professionals,” we were teenagers with essentially parties in our back yards! This is why I say, these other logos tried to make us into something we were not. We would have been laughed at if we tried to implement these logos!

WAYB ICON smaller

That is why this logo (above) lasted the longest!  It stated our name, it worked as a patch, and it represented fun and happiness, while at the same time representing nothing at all! Just a plain logo that says our name with fun stuff. It worked really well and fit well with the type of content we had been producing! This logo has served us well and we will probably use it for our patches still.

Closing Words

We hope this logo will serve us well, and help guide us to our goal of actually hitting 100K subscribers. Certainly, this logo is a lot more presentable to the average person, tech company, and other sponsor type. This logo will work well as a T-shirt design, business card, etc… And hopefully, it will become recognized just as much as our previous logo had been on the airsoft scene.

Fire seems appropriate for tech, gaming, and other industries in general. The fact that it is kind of a generic symbol, actually benefits us more!

Yes we will be moving on into bigger and better industries, we’ve been trying to leave airsoft for a really long time now to be honest. The industry is small, nasty, and very, very cheap! If we want to do youtube full time, we have to move out into bigger and better ventures! (That doesn’t mean we won’t try to make awesome airsoft cinematic or use airsoft guns in future videos of course!)

Who knows, if we get big enough, perhaps we will expand the team and start a specific airsoft unit dedicated only to airsoft videos. Of course we will supervise and approve the content so long as it matches with what we think you guys have come to know and love from this channel!

Thanks for all the support, be sure to share your favorite videos from us with your friends, and let’s hit 100K before the end of this year!

They say hitting your first 100K subscribers is the hardest step…. But, as I’d imagine, throwing around the phrase, “we have over 100K subscribers” would really bring the attention of the media, sponsors, and other interested groups… I’m sure it helps a LOT!

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