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One of the things we’re wanting to do to add value to our Patreon is to provide exclusive content and live streams for the supporters. Now, we have thought long and hard about what kind of things we could possible offer to our fans, I think really one of the most valuable types of live streams and podcasts we could do, would probably be behinds the scenes stuff. Imagine watching us film our reviews live, or us answering your questions live. A lot of people respect our cinematography and editing skills, so maybe we do a live stream of us editing the videos or discussing camera techniques.

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If you were wondering why we started a Patreon, no, it’s not because we’re greedy scumbags. As our content becomes wackier, more up front and honest, and of course, as we smash more guns, we lose all our airsoft sponsors. This leaves us in a pretty odd position where we are forced to buy all our own guns. This sucks! We’re going to spend $300 on a gun that we’re probably going to smash? No that sounds lame! We have tech sponsors and a ton of other content lined up, but we really want to do the airsoft videos for our airsoft fans!

This is why the Patreon is so important! Please help us!

I do believe we have a lot to offer in terms of advice for new channels, video editing tutorials, how we do our stuff, etc… Of course, even making these tutorials and live streams takes a lot of time and energy, we know posting these things to our channel really isn’t going to please the fans. Heck, anything that we post, that’s not airsoft related, usually gets us a lot of hate from our own fans! This sucks too!


We do have a lot to offer in terms of our cinematography skills, advice for youtube startups, etc… We even gave talks about youtube startups and how to grow your channel. This is stuff we’d love to share with a select few backers! On top of that, those who contribute a certain amount per month, can get a sponsor section on our videos!

We’re really looking forward to working on the channel and more importantly, interacting more and more with our fans!

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