Green Gas or Propane
24rd Mag
~100 ft Range
330 – 350 fps
$99 – 120

PX4 4


So this gun obviously looks amazing! And why do you buy a gun anyways? Yeah for the performance, but the other half usually has to do with showing off your beautiful shiny new toy! I mean everyone is fielding 1911’s, whats so fun about having the same gun as everyone else? At least that’s what I thoughts when I first saw this online for $100!

PX4 6

It’s such a work of art! If you have the money there is a Tokyo Marui version out there, which I would then swap the slide for this chrome, metal, shiny one! 🙂
Again the con’s of this gun is the stock performance, it’s not bad, but it’s not the best I’ve ever seen! And by performance, we measure consistency, accuracy and gas efficiency.

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PX4 5

If you’re looking to buy a unique, beautiful gun at a very very reasonable price, then this one is the one for you! It is a We-Tech so we advise that you take extremely good care of this gun! We’ve owner ours for over a year now and it’s still shooting great!




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