23 rds
~130 ft
340 – 350  FPS
$99 – 130


Now if anyone uses the ATP and gets zero kills in a game and blames it on the ATP you can go ahead and show them this video! 😉

KWA ATP specs

I was always more of a 1911 person but after feeling just how good the ATP feels in the hands I have changed my mind about this beauty! WhatArEYouBuyen has always recommended KWA when it comes to “stock” guns and the ATP is no exception! Shooting crisp, consistent and straight, the KWA ATP makes it’s self to our TOP 10 BEST GAS PISTOLS LIST!

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The Stock Spring is NOT Red!

There has been some criticism concerning the build quality of this gun. Mainly regarding the outer barrel and the slide which tends to “jam up.” However, as with all GBB’s with proper maintenance and lubrication the slide should not have any issues!  However I can’t speak the same for the outer barrel as our’s did crack and break off during a game! (This was about a year of owning and regularly using the gun) After calling KWA, they were quick to ship a new outer barrel for $10 and this new outer barrel seems to be working great! I will update if the outer barrel breaks again.


Keep in mind this was one of our earlier airsoft reviews! Also the first gun we ever received from for free! 😀

PX4 6
HFC Revolver 4 Inch
HFC Revolver 4 Inch


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