WE Baby Hi-Capa 3.8 GBB Pistol

It does seem very fitting to call this the “baby” hicapa. We highly recommend this pistol for beginners as well as just an introductory gun to teching and custom pistol work! If you’re looking for an affordable first step into the Hi-capa platform, the WE 3.8 is both unique, fun and affordable for whatever need you may have. However, such a tiny pistol does have it’s limitations so full outdoor field use may be difficult, we highly recommend this pistol for CQB situations and as a side arm.

WE 38 2



Now the magazine that comes with it is slightly smaller than a normal Hi-capa Mag, and that means it holds less gas. During our tests we were able to pull off one full mag with the mini hicapa mag, but we would not recommend this mag for normal use. Because of the nature of a WE system which tends to be less gas efficient than it’s Tokyo Marui counterpart, we could recommend using larger magazines. Accuracy on this thing is pretty straight on when aiming within it’s range. Hitting a human sized target from 20 – 50 feet away will be no problem for this gun.

Tiki gives his opinions on the WE 3.8 and why he thinks it’s such a fun little pistol.


WE 38 3


All in all the WE 3.8 is a great pistol to start off with and it’s also a beauty to add to the collection. If you’re interested in an affordable, fun and compact CQB pistol, then this is the gun for you! If you are interested in picking up this gun, check it out at AirsoftStation.com



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