Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle

What a beauty! We’ve finally got our hands on the legendary TM Desert Eagle and we have not been let down by anything short of the plastic externals, but more on that later, here’s a quick overview of the gun!


The box says “Hard Kick” and even with a plastic slide and green gas, the kick is definitely strong!  But what we care most about with gas pistols is gas efficiency and although the mag may be large, we feel that the efficiency could be better, and maybe with propane a more satisfactory result can be achieved. Of course there are plenty of upgrades and modifications available to boost gas efficiency. Stock, we feel for cold environment, the KWC (Co2) is the clear winner.

Hi-Capa Hi-cap mag comparison. Hi-cap Deagle mags anyone?


However in terms of accuracy and consistency (consistency is the key!) the TM demolishes the competition. The plastic on the hand grip feels very premium, matte and comfortable. The trigger pull is very short (good for speed) and the mag release has the right amount of pressure so it won’t accidentally release your mags. The functioning on slide safety is a nice touch!



Weight feels evenly dispersed, not front heavy, not back heavy. Although not the most practical gun for agility, it is still possible and we had a ton of fun using this at our local CQB field, Tac City! Now about the only gripe one would have with this gun, the build material. Yes, mostly plastic. Although heavy weight both the slide and the receiver are plastic, very high quality plastic mind you, but plastic none the less! Although the plastic, with all it’s rubberized matte goodness feels great, we get the feeling that a drop or even regular use may cause unsightly scuffs or scratches to occur, especially the nice matte finish! Try not to drop it!

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Overall great gun, awesome performance, and we truly enjoyed walking around with this at the airsoft fields! Very eye catching, a conversation starter!




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