WE G19 GBB Pistol

WE is really stepping up their game this time with their new G19! Over the weekend the crew at WhatAreYouBuyen got a chance to play with these bad boys and see how far we could push them!

we glock 2

1. Appearances

First off, looks are amazing! It’s the first thing that attracted us and made us even consider reviewing a WE pistol! When we saw these at Airsplat, we immediately assumed they were some high end, fully upgraded custom pistols, but we were surprised when we noticed the WE label on the price tag. We knew we had to have a better look at these things.

As you’ve probably noticed in the above picture, the gold outer barrel is showing signs of scratching and wearing. It’s not quite clear to us how long that gold coloring will remain on the outer barrel, especially at the front of the shell ejection port where a lot of friction tends to occur. The rest of the barrel we’re sure will retain most of its color. As for the silver outer barrel, it has this nice brushed aluminum look to it and we like it! (The colors shown above are custom outer barrel and slide swaps made especially for us!)

we glock 3

2. Design

There were a lot of different design elements that went into this pistol from the open ports on the slide for a lighter slide, resulting in (theoretically) better gas consumption. The mag skirts on the bottom of the grip are a nice touch, however they are only held on by a single screw, screwed into a plastic nub underneath, we suspect that a few drops or messing around with the mag skirts could easily break or damage the threading on plastic. Be careful with these!

we glock 5

The textured grip is quite nice and there doesn’t appear to be any sharp edges or flaws in the texturing itself. We do have some gripes about the sharp edges and seams on the bottom of the magazines as well as the mag ejection button. You could probably cut your finger on these things!

3. Performance

The WE G19 performs just as we have expected from a WE pistol. It works. It doesn’t necessarily shoot consistently every time and it doesn’t necessarily line up with the iron sights. (The optic iron sights are a great touch!) What we can say about the performance is that gas consumption is what you’ve come to expect from a WE pistol, you’ll get your full mags worth on a warm day! The recoil spring that comes with this pistol is stronger than we expected, it feels just about right! Not too strong, but also not weak!

we glock 4

We can’t really complain about the attention to detail on this thing, the trigger is one of the nicer triggers we’ve seen on any stock pistol. Though we do have some concerns about the red trigger safety, we really wished it was anodized red instead of painted on. Disassembly is easy and if you’re familiar with glocks then you’ll feel right at home with this one. Removing the orange tip was an adventure. Please note that the orange tip is not only glued in, but also threaded in, so if you break the orange tip you’re going to have a fun time trying to get the orange out of your threading. WE found it was a lot easier to place the outer barrel in such hot water that the orange tip warped, and literally melted out of the threads!

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we glock 6

4. Conclusion

The attention to detail on this gun is outstanding, though we’re pretty sure the internals haven’t changed much. If you’re buying this gun, it’s for the externals and we expect most new players will be satisfied with that. However the hardcore airsoft players can easily upgrade this platform without spending a cent on appearances!

It should be noted that the mags feel very sturdy, however the plastic mag lips look like all other WE plastic mag lips. Brittle and ready to break without taking extra care!

we glock 7

We’ve always been extremely critical of WE Tech, producing lousy guns at a cheap price that attracts new comers to the gas pistol world, and as soon as their poorly constructed gun breaks, WE turns many away from future gas gun purchases. We’ve made many epic videos trashing WE guns and showing how easily they crumble. That being said, we’re really surprised with this gun and we hope to see WE stepping up their game from now on! For all things airsoft, stay tuned with WhatAreYouBuyen!

Check this gun out on Airsplat! http://www.airsplat.com/airsoft-gas/gpr/gbb-gg-c/we-g-force-19-gas-blowback-pistol-bbg.html

And for all things gas gun, be sure to visit the Gas Gun Association!

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