Japanese Bottle RPG Launcher Toy is Perfect for Battles

At a measly $375 USD, the Maruda RPG-7 Water Bottle RPG Launcher is Japans newest additions to their battle collections! You seriously need to make one yourself or buy one of these beauties! Just looking at the pictures, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of consideration went into the design. See how far this thing shoots in the video below. It looks like they taped a cone to the bottle for more aerodynamics! This Japanese Bottle RPG Launcher toy is perfect for battles and I’d love to see some people shooting each other with this!


Functionality wise, unlike some other RPG Launcher replicas on the market that launch the entire head, shoot some BB’s or just don’t do anything, this model may be the most beautiful as well as functional. Being able to shoot water bottles of all sorts and sizes allows you to easily obtain “ammunition” without needing to spend a fortune! Of course the splash back in the users face is always a nice touch!

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If you’re interested in purchasing A really neat RPG Launcher toy check out this link:¬†http://www.marudai-corp.com/pbl/info-product.html


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