10 Reasons Gun Owners Should be Concerned About IdentiLock and Finger Print Locking Technology


This company poses as a solution that “protects the lives of children” but in actuality, the “solution” they offer can provide slower response times and in a worst case scenario, cost someone their own life! Is it really worth the risk?

Disclaimer: This article is 100% our own opinion. We have valid concerns about this product and the company behind it, and wish to exercise our freedom of speech to voice our concerns. 

What is Identilock?

IdentiLock is a huge device that locks onto the front trigger guard of specific handguns (only the few it was specifically designed for). When the user wants to access their weapon, they simply put their finger on the fingerprint scanner and magically unlocks their gun.

Source: Facebook

You might say, “in theory this is a great idea” but in actuality, even in theory it sounds like a stupid idea. Here’s why:

1. It Adds Multiple Steps to the Process

When you’re facing a deadly threat, a single second can make the difference between life or death. Why on earth would anyone want to trust their life to a finger print scanner?

Source: Facebook

If you think about it, you’re trusting yourself to multiple steps, not just one!

  1. The battery must be charged and working
  2. The finger print scanner has to recognize your finger print the first time
  3. You need to be holding the gun properly or else the device might not fall off the frame (or you need to use  your other hand to pull the device off)
  4. The device might make a loud noise when it falls
  5. Your hands need to be clean or “lightly” wet or dirty
  6. If you live in a cold environment, you better take off your gloves first! (This point was made by Reddit user pelosieatsshit )
  7. All of this has to happen faster than an assailant (who probably already has their gun out) is able to fire the first shot
Source: Reddit r/CCW

On top of that, if all else fails, you better have that key handy because this is basically a normal gun lock. Might as well just use the free lock included with most guns than waste $230 on this!

2. Finger Print Scanners are Unreliable

In this video from the GlockStore, in a controlled, professional environment, the device failed 2 out of 3 times in this test (see below).

Yes, I made this GIF

They brag about how “fast” their lock is…

Of course, their marketing promotes this product as a”fast” option.

In the video above, you can see that even in a controlled environment, the guy wasn’t able to open the lock the first time or the second time.

Do you really want to trust your life to this piece of junk?

3. Extremely Rude Customer Service

What if someone tries to bring up valid concerns about finger print reader technology to IdentiLock?

Well, instead of getting an actual response, it seems their overly confident, smug social media manager wants you to keep trying until their product actually works. Don’t believe me?

Yes, when a concerned, potential customer brings up a valid concern about their flawed technology, it appears that IdentiLock’s standard response is to rudely taunt people, tell them to “try again,” as well as to “consider moving.”

If this is how they respond to simple Facebook comments, imagine what kind of response you would get if someone actually died because their product malfunctioned! Yikes!!!

Even their own, satisfied customers have picked up on the whole “you should consider moving” response! (See above)


This appears to be a fake account… Don’t tell me, IdentiLock would actually use FAKE “CUSTOMER” ACCOUNTS to provide misleading “testimonies” to potential buyers?

4. They Use Fake Accounts to Promote their Products?

As you saw above, it looks like this “Mike Wagner” is a fake account that uses the same rude “consider moving” lines as IdentiLock does. We might be on to something here!

It’s important to note that this is just our opinion and we aren’t accusing IdentiLock of anything here, just posing our theory and exercising our freedom of speech! 😉

Oh look, here’s “Mike Wagner” LIKING IdenitLock’s comment on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT POST THAN BEFORE!

Mike Wagner must really be a super satisfied customer to be spending so much time trolling IdentiLock’s posts… Because that’s totally what normal customers do right?

5. It’s NOT for Conceal Carry

Look at this thing, it’s almost bigger than the gun itself!

When people on social media comment about how this would be terrible for concealed carry, it seems IdentiLock likes to insist that this thing is absolutely NOT for concealed carry.

And we actually agree, this is a terrible option for concealed carry!

Even Mike Wagner knows it’s not for concealed carry, come on guys!

6. Wait, It’s NOT for Concealed Carry???

Contrary to their own marketing imagery, it seems that whenever people criticize it, IdeniLock defends itself by pointing out that it is supposedly NOT for concealed carry.

Yet, they are constantly posting pictures of people using the IdentiLock in cars, in their purse, and in “EDC” posts.

This is their actual marketing video…

Yes, that’s right it’s NOT for concealed carry, so just go ahead and walk down the street with your hand  inside your bag, constantly holding your gun just in case!

For those who don’t know, “EDC” means “Every Day Carry.” So this post (above) is kind of insinuating that you’re supposed to carry the IdentiLock?

Just what is it, is this for carry or not? It seems IdentiLock can’t give a straight answer! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Note About the “Carrying”: 

I keep getting bombarded with IdentiLock ads and this picture (below) is one that I see the most.

What is the difference between IdentiLock and a manual safety? Manual safety is supposed to prevent YOU from accidentally discharging your firearm. IdentiLock prevents both you and SOMEONE ELSE from firing your gun without your fingerprint unlocking it first.

Obviously this thing is too big to conceal carry, I’m sure it can be done, but it looks like IdentiLock themselves keep saying “it’s not for conceal carry,” so we’ll go with that.

One of the best ways of preventing SOMEONE ELSE from accessing your firearm is by strapping it to your body. The IdentiLock system, and what their advertising seems to suggest, is that you should carry in your purse or bag.

So by taking your gun off of your body and putting it in a bag, you create a situation where it is more likely that someone else can access your gun.

So it looks like the problem IdentiLock wants to “solve” is merely created by their own system requiring you to take the gun off your body when you carry… They created the solution for their own problem…

Not only is carrying your firearm off body slower than waistband carry (in my opinion) adding the IdentiLock adds more time and steps to the process, on top of a manual safety if you have one on your carry gun.

Now that seems pretty dumb and non-intuitive if you ask me!

7. It Promotes Unsafe Gun Habits

Why address irresponsible gun ownership, when you can just make a product that plays right into the bad habits of stupid gun owners?

Do you see anything wrong with the picture above?

How about that the gun owner just seems to leave their gun anywhere around the house?

Ohhh but the gun is locked now, so it’s okay to leave it laying around with kids around right?


Why the hell would you continue to encourage gun owners to leave their guns laying around like this? At least the first picture of the gun inside a drawer makes more sense.

Responsible gun owners know that when there are kids around the house, the gun is either locked in a safe or on their side.

Just because you have a fancy lock around your gun doesn’t mean you have a license to leave it laying around in the open.

But it’s uncomfortable to wear the gun around the house.

  1. Then lock it up
  2. Get used to it, you’re a gun owner now
  3. Don’t have kids in the house

It’s pretty simple.

Based on the imagery IdentiLock posts, it seems like they are encouraging this bad behavior.

Leaving your guns in the open is NEVER a good idea, stop it!

Just like a bunch of libtards, IdentiLock seems to think that their product will magically solve all the deaths of children around the world… or something like that.

Speaking of libtards…..

8. It’s Run by Bernie Supporters / Trump Haters

***Note: At the time of posting this article, Bob’s Facebook profile, pictures, and posts were 100% visible to the public and use of his content would be considered fair. We censored out his last name anyways to protect his privacy. Even though we don’t agree with him, we really don’t want people harassing him on Facebook. Maybe he should consider updating his Facebook privacy settings… 

Again, this is just a theory based on the evidence we have found publicly on social media, 100% our opinion, but it appears that one of their employees and/or owners and/or social media manager is a total SJW, commie cuck!

Just like “Mike Wagner” we have spotted quite a lot of posts from someone named “Bob C****” who, in some threads, poses as a normal person just passing by, and in other posts, seems to be representing the company.

Sometimes, on the Facebook mobile app, if you’re not careful page managers could be posting as themselves instead of the page. Could this be what happened here?

We’ve already verified that Bob works for Identilock and appears to have an official @sentinl.com company email address.

That’s right, since Bob’s facebook posts are public, we are able to see all his left leaning, regularly shared and supportive posts for groups such as U.S. Democratic Socialists, VOX, and Huffington Post. In fact, Bob seems to be an extreme SJW, NPC Anit-Trumper.

Yeah, most true “gun guys” don’t share posts from Bernie Sanders unless they are criticizing the stupidity of his content.

Apparently, Bob is an avid Bernie Sanders supporter.

And we’re supposed to believe these people are “gun guys too.”

They really seem desperate to look like “gun guys,” yet even before we discovered the Bernie posts, we assumed they were libtards by the way they constantly repeat the phrase, “saving the lives of children.” It seems that libtards are always invoking the “lives of children” whenever it’s convenient for them.

I’m starting to doubt if Bob has even actually shot a gun in his life!

And of course, it seems Bob finds it amusing when people are falsely accused of rape.

Bob is most likely the manager of the Facebook social media campaign, the one advising people to “try again” and “consider moving.” It seems this smug, arrogant, question dodger who runs the IdentiLock social media is none other than a libtard, social justice warrior, most likely anti-gun, anti-Trump loser!

It appears that Bob isn’t in favor for Trump’s southern border wall.

So they claim that they are all about “saving the lives of children”, yet it seems like Bob doesn’t give a crap about the endless flow of drugs, unregistered guns, and gang members flowing through our southern border that could greatly be mitigated with a secure southern border.

But hey, at least they sell gun locks that maybe, might work…. 2 out of 3 times… Assuming your finger is only lightly wet or dirty… Right?

This company just reeks of greed, red flags, and people looking to make a fortune off the lives of the “children.”

But hey, everyone can have their own political views. The only reason I take issue with it, is because their political views seem to be against everything most avid, true “gun people” are for. Why do we say this? Well according to FreelTheBern.com, Bernie Sanders supports a nation wide ban on “assault weapons” and banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Of course, Bob said he feels safer without “immediate” access to his firearm. No wonder he loves IdentiLock so much… What a joke!

Source: YouTube/Highjak86

IdentiLock users, hope your hands aren’t wet or sweaty when someone breaks into your home looking to kill or inflict great bodily harm.

And this Bob guy, who works for IdentiLock, who regularly re-posts Bernie Sanders content and posts about feeling safer with a double locked gun with no ammo around… and we’re supposed to believe these are “gun guys” just looking out for the children? I don’t think so! And I wouldn’t support a company that does!

Yes, The lives of children are more important than politics, but there are plenty of alternatives to IdentiLock… like storing your gun in a safe or utilizing a smart system that works around your own household?

9. It Encourages Corrupt Lawmakers

Technology like this seriously encourages the corrupt, leftists to pose more gun laws.

Source: YouTube

Don’t you ever find it funny that every time California passes new gun laws, there always seems to be come convenient companies offering “work arounds” for these laws while also getting very rich.

It really makes you wonder if these gun companies are actually against gun restrictions, or if they secretly love the regulations.

Well apparently Bob would LOVE it if “all guns had and Identilock,” I’m guessing in response to Richard’s comment about a mandate. And the “I Voted” profile picture doesn’t really give me hope that Bob isn’t hoping for some kind of government (commie) intervention.

So it looks like IdentiLock would have no problem benefiting from more stupid gun regulations that don’t actually save people’s lives.

Think about it. If a parent is so stupid, that they would leave their loaded gun laying around the house for their kids to get, what makes you think they will even consider putting the IdentiLock on their gun? They are already irresponsible. The people who put locks on their guns are the responsible ones already.

So of course, the only way you’re going to get an irresponsible person to put a lock on their gun is if you threaten to put them in jail if they don’t. Right?

Source: Reddit

Just crunch the numbers and imagine if every pistol in America, or even just California, was required to have an IdentiLock purchased along side it?

IdentiLock would become a very, very rich company. And I don’t think they would have any problems with that now would they?

10. Apparently, California Doesn’t Care if the Tech Exists or Not

If you haven’t heard, California has some crazy restrictions on what new guns are allowed to be sold. One of those restrictions is a technology called “micro stamping” where the gun’s firing pin is supposed to stamp a microscopic, unique identifier on the back of a bullet casing.

The problem with this technology? It doesn’t exist yet! So effectively, no manufacturer will be able to introduce new guns to the California market.

Earlier this year, the California supreme court voted unanimously that there is nothing unconstitutional about introducing a requirement that doesn’t even exist.

That’s right! Apparently, they don’t even care if the tech exists or not!

So what does this mean for IdentiLock? In the product demonstration video we posted above, it took the Glock Store nearly 8 seconds to get the IdentiLock to actually work properly.

Here’s the snippet from their Amazon listing where they advertise “Releases in .3 Seconds”

In the same vein that California lawmakers don’t care if the tech exists or not, do you think California lawmakers really care if the IdentiLock functions the way it is advertised or not? Probably not!

So not only has IdentiLock apparently not perfected their finger print scanner, but it is also highly unlikely that the corrupt lawmakers in California even care.

They brag about how “fast” their lock is…

IdentiLock has a perfect opportunity to make a fortune just in the state of Califronia alone and it seems the lawmakers could be all too happy to enable this.

The reason IdentiLock is different from other gun locks and safes that use finger print scanners is that IdeniLock is a device which attaches itself to the firearm itself. Imagine the disaster that would ensure if IdentiLock partnered with Califronia to require a finger print censor to be built into all gun triggers or magazine releases in California…

Something we found on YouTube, looks familiar doesn’t it? Liberals are all over this technology!

I think all gun owners in California should definitely be concerned about this company and the people behind it.

On one end, we were able to see people just trying to release a cool gun lock and “protect the children”. On the other spectrum, we can see members of that very same company supposedly showing support for a side that does not align with the ideals of most normal, law abiding gun owners in this country.

Think twice before supporting a company like this!


The solution isn’t to make some not-so-high tech finger print scanner. The solution is better education and training for new and existing gun owners.

Responsible gun ownership needs to be encouraged and taught heavily, not mandated or forced to own more unnecessary accessories.

IdentiLock seems like a strange company, with wonky technology, weird owners  and/or employees, and strange marketing practices, not to mention they seem extremely liberal. (Probably not good for gun owners!)

In our humble opinion, and based on the research we were able to do on their company (and trust me, it wasn’t very hard to find this stuff), IdentiLock and / or it’s staff does NOT seem to have the best interests of gun owners in mind.

“unlock your gun in less than a second”

On the surface, they seem to have their pre-written response to every criticism, which is a very liberal politician answer of, “we save the lives of children.”

IdentiLock would make better politicians than a finger print scanner…. And that’s not even saying much.

Satirical IdentiLock Social Media Conversation: 

Reasonable, Logical Person: “what if the finger print scanner doesn’t work?”

IdentiLock: “Does your phone explode? No. Then try again! And you should consider moving, and also, we save the lives of children!” 

Reasonable, Logical Person: “I think you just lost a sale with that attitude.” 

Mike Wagner: “IdentiLock was so nice and respectful, this guy is just trolling!”  

What was the Purpose of this Article?

We are NOT sponsored to write this article about IdentiLock. Nobody paid us to go out of our way to do this research.

***It was actually the very (in my opinion) rude and arrogant social media manager for IdentiLock who motivated me to do this article in the first place! Thanks Bob? Tell your boss I said thank you for the motivation! 😀

I think it’s important for consumers to know who and what they are supporting. If I knew that the guy behind the counter of a gun shop (whether he’s an owner or just an employee) was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter / socialist / anti-Trumper, I would not give that gun shop a penny!

The purpose of this article was not to “trash” or destroy IdentiLock, but rather to inform potential customers of the many issues we have with their product as well as to expose what we think are the true people working behind the scenes (using publicly available information from Social Media).

I believe you have a right to know who you are buying from and what you are supporting (especially when their facebook posts are open to the public). When I see people who admire the U.S. Democratic Socialists, who respond rudely and unprofessionally to criticism on social media, I don’t see people who we would consider true “gun people” and I certainly don’t think they are looking out for the future of gun ownership or the rights of free American people.

You know who else likes to use the death of children and gun related tragedies to push their own interests? The libtard media. IdeniLock just seems to fit perfectly with this group of people, using tragic events to push their own sales. Spreading “awareness” is one thing, but I think benefiting massively from engaging in fear mongering isn’t something I would be proud of!

Every dollar you spend on an IdentiLock is another dollar to helps people that we personally don’t agree with, and that we strongly suspect support ideals that go against the best interest of true American gun owners who love freedom, conservatism, and support and respect the current president of the United States of America. If you’re looking for a “safe” way to store your firearms, consider buying a nice gun safe that was build in the USA and learn to be more responsible with guns around your own house.

There are many other options out there, such as secret trap doors, and other really convenient and neat storage options that can help “save the lives of children” without you needing to trust your life to a fingerprint censor (that may or may not work the first time around) and a rechargeable battery.

***This article is 100% our own opinions. We exercise our freedom of speech to address concerns and propose theories that we have about certain companies. We are not accusing IdentiLock of anything in this article but are simply putting out our honest opinions.

This is 100% our opinions and 100% protected by the 1st amendment speech!

Everything in this article is an opinion.

We don’t gain anything by posting this. We do not currently have any gun lock sponsors and we aren’t being paid by anyone to post this.

We went out of our own way to do this research, mostly because we felt the person who manages the IdeniLock Facebook page was so rude to us, that it motivated us to actually look deeper into their company and we found all of this information publicly and legally. We gain nothing from this article, but I hope you have gained a deeper understanding as a result of our opinion and insight. 


I want to thank the community so much for the positive support, I hadn’t even imagined we would receive this kind of response, I guess the GIF is pretty funny though!

In less than 24 hours, we made it to the very top of the r/CCW subreddit.

Some commenters also provided additional insight and experience from being motorcycle riders to construction workers and all the experiences people have had with finger print scanners in various industries which I placed throughout this article.

The response I received from the community was incredibly supportive, respectful, and logical! I can’t wait to see how IdentiLock responds next…

Our facebook video has received over 14,ooo views!

We still haven’t heard from IdentiLock even though we tagged them and they gave us a smug response the first time we posted about them and tagged them!

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