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  • These guys basically went viral with a video of one of the owners shooting himself while wearing the jacket.

    I loved the concept of a casual looking bullet proof jacket and after receiving an offer for a 4th of […]

  • I have been using the Vortex Mico 3X for some time now and I have grown to really appreciate it.

    I don’t know of any other magnifier on the market that is as nice as this one. Though the price point is […]

  • This is a response article to a blog post on Gabe Suarez Blog where the author concludes that the 870 DM solves “no problems at all, but they certainly create more drama for the user.”

    While we respect the […]

  • I needed a knife that could be mounted on the molle of my Battle Belt, a quick search on eBay and Le Duck ¬†showed up!

    This is a $20 – $25 knife that is small but has a good weight to it.

    It comes with a […]

  • Night vision can be useful for tactical and survival situations. The prices range from $99 – $3,700+.

    The SightMark 1×24 monocular is a Russian made PVS-14 style knock off. Unlike some other Chinese made […]

  • You should train with your concealed carry gun regularly, but it’s kind of hard to train with a gun that rips your hands apart.

    Even more difficult to put shots on target when your trigger finger develops […]

  • Field stripping a 1911 is not very difficult once you know how to do it.

    That being said, field stripping a short 1911 can be a bit more tricky!
    Step 1 – Check It

    You should know this by now.
    Step 2 – […]

  • This company poses as a solution that “protects the lives of children” but in actuality, the “solution” they offer can provide slower response times and in a worst case scenario, cost someone their own life! Is it […]

  • There really isn’t a lot of information about this gun, when I saw it listed for sale at a local gun shop, I knew I had to get my hands on it!

    A polymer frame 1911 isn’t really anything new, but Kimber’s […]

  • EOTech is a pretty popular name in the gun, airsoft, and even the video game world!

    They made a name for themselves with their iconic holographic sight. How does it compare to a $35 Made in China […]

  • Most people don’t think about the desert as their first camping location.

    Camping in the desert can actually be a ton of fun if you do it right!
    Bring Friends

    The last place you want to be stranded alone […]

  • The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm is one of my absolute favorite carry guns, it’s small, light weight, and thin!

    Unfortunately, the aspects that make this gun great as a carry piece also make it more […]

  • There are some beautiful custom Glock builds out there. Some of the best custom builds are just that, custom built from an individual gun smith, and very limited to localized shops or word of mouth.

    This list […]

  • There is no doubt that today’s modern gun companies market kydex like there’s no tomorrow. Is leather out and Kydex in? Probably.

    Kydex holsters are easier to produce, cheaper, and come in a variety of designs, […]

  • Most people would assume a “bullet proof” vest could withstand anything for a certain amount of time until it breaks (like in video games). However, in the real world “bullet proof” is divided into different […]

  • AR-15’s are fantastic platforms because they are so customizable; You can truly make it your own!

    This list will feature various upgrades and accessories that you can include in your AR builds. Stand out and […]

  • As YouTube, Facebook, and liberal tech giants crack down on gun content (and conservative channels) many are seeking alternatives where they can enjoy wholesome gun content without feeling like criminals or […]

  • For some reason there is a small community of “gun guys” that seem to have a problem with their gun maintaining both high functionality AND looking beautiful. If you are one of those guys, then this isn’t for […]

  • Water bottles, an E-Z Up, Tables, Folding Chairs, and maybe a grill and some hot dogs; these are probably the obvious items that come to mind when going to a day of shooting guns in the desert.

    These are great […]

  • In light of ridiculous new California regulations on AR-15 and other AR style rifles, the Hellfighter Kit comes to save the day! This is a button that breaks open the upper and lower receiver of an AR, allowing […]

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