Le Duck Tactical Survival Molle Knife Review


I needed a knife that could be mounted on the molle of my Battle Belt, a quick search on eBay and Le Duck  showed up!

This is a $20 – $25 knife that is small but has a good weight to it.

It comes with a hard shell holster with a rotating clip that can be attached to a belt or molle rig.

I think we know where it got its name from…

Small Grip

The grip has an interesting “duck” design.

However my pink seems to just dangle off the end of the handle. I can still get a decent grip on it, but I know it is not as stable as a full sized knife.

The reason I purchased this knife was to have a small knife I could add to my battle belt rig.

A knife comes in handy for various uses on the field, but I don’t access it too frequently, so it’s just a small thing to have when it’s needed.

Holster and Lock

The holster is the reason I got this knife.

Nice, hard shell holster that would feel sturdy on any rig.

There is an extra flap that folds over the blade and “locks” it into place. It seems to require some significant force to pull the knife out.

It makes the knife feel unstable when mounted on a belt as it pulls the entire belt up.

I think the “lock” is a nice feature to keep the knife from poking out and jabbing you or falling out, but it needs to be worn down a bit to be more practical.


The blade is very sharp out of the packaging.

For survival use cases, I would prefer a hybrid straight + serrated blade. (The serrated blade has some useful traits.)

However, since this is such a tiny and cheap blade, having a small straight blade like this is fine.

There are ridges along the top of the blade that could act as a stabilizer for your thumb.

It actually feels very good to hold the knife with my thumb on the ridged spine of the blade!

Even though I can barley get my pinky on the grip, the thumb ridges really help with stability.

Tactical Use

There are so few low prices knives at there that are specifically designed or advertised as being compatible with molle gear.

This is really the only low cost choice I could fine that fit my requirements: Molle compatible, hard shell holster, small blade size.

Pictured above, the knife attached on my Grey Ghost Gear Battle Belt!

One Problem

As expected, the rotating belt clip was a problem.

Because of the weight of this knife and due to the force required to draw the blade, the rotating hinge just couldn’t keep its position.

Luckily, black zip ties came to the rescue and can easily be threaded through the holes in the holster to keep it in the perfect position for my needs.

It sucks that I have to resort to some makeshift method of keeping it secure, but that’s what you get for $20!


This is a decent knife for about $20. I don’t know what you can really expect at this price point.

It definitely feels better than some of the cheap chinese knives we have reviewed in this video.

The handle has the “duck” design, which I don’t really care for to be honest.

I wasn’t able to find much other knives in this general price range so Le Duck is one of the best options if you’re looking for a small, cheap, molle compatible knife!

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