Prime C2 Magnet USB 1250 Lumens Pocket Flashlight Review


The Prime C2 Magnet USB flashlight is a compact package that packs a huge punch! This was much brighter than I expected.

Disclaimer: We received this flashlight from ArmyTek for the purposes of this review.


One of my favorite things about the flashlight is the size. It is comparable to other pocket flashlights I own but far exceed the brightness and width of the light beam.

It uses a magnetic charger that fits nicely with the light. The downside is that this is the only charger I own that would work with this flashlight.

This doesn’t make for a good survival light if you needed to charge it but don’t have access to this type of charger.

As you can tell from the above image, the matte finish scratches very easily. It feels like a sort of powder coat finish, it is my least favorite thing about this light.


This light far exceeds the brightness of any other flashlight I own that is similarly sized.

In the two comparison pictures above, the camera exposure settings are exactly the same. On the left, I am using a pocket “tactical” 300 lumens flashlight. It was my main light for camping purposes.

On the right is the Prime C2 light. Not only is it extremely bright, but the angle in which the light shines is might wider than the other flashlight, and it doesn’t seem to compromise the brightness of the center much.


It comes with a sturdy snap on clip. Even though the clip wobbles a little while on the light, when it is mounted, it’s very sturdy.

The light also comes with a belt pouch which seems like it was made for security guards or police use. There’s no molle attachment on the back, so it won’t work for my battle belt setup or my plate carrier.


Some people might not like this light because it’s so small. I feel that the size is perfect for pocket carry and it provides a good level of brightness without being overly bulky.

That being said, I personally dislike the shape of the light. When fumbling around with this light in the darkness, it’s not quick to get to the button.

Most tactical flashlights I have used have the button on the back. While this seems like it is marketed towards security guards / police usage, it definitely doesn’t seem ideal for “tactical” use.

In Conclusion

I actually really love this flashlight! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from it, for the price and the size, I didn’t think it would be this bright.

Regardless of the ergonomics and scratchy finish, I really love the performance of this light and will be using it as my main carry.

It has been over 3 weeks since I initially charged this light and I have been using it regularly as a highlight angle for my photography lights,  it has still retained the charge!

The light can be purchased here for ~$60.

Armytek provided us with  a 15% discount code that you can use on their website, use code “WhatAreYouBuyen” and show some support for our sponsors!

Note: Everything in this post is our personal opinion. 

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