Top 10 Epic Custom Glock Builds (with Prices)


There are some beautiful custom Glock builds out there. Some of the best custom builds are just that, custom built from an individual gun smith, and very limited to localized shops or word of mouth.

This list is comprised of Glock builds or services virtually anyone can utilize!

10. Grey Ghost Precision Glock 19 – $1,350

Source: GreyGhostPrecision

The Grey Ghost G19 has a custom milled slide with slightly tighter tolerances than the stock G19 slide.

They have included an adapter build into the slide for RMR optics and have improve the squeaky Glock trigger.

Neat stippling on the frame and a more aggressive lower, this is a custom Glock that has everything besides a TiN coated barrel and ported slides.

It is one of the more basic pistols on this list, and also one of the cheapest; it can be bought here.

9. Fowler Industries G26 Gen 4 – $2,300

Source: RainierArms

This is a cute little G26! Featuring a Tungsten slide and TiN coated Barrel, this basically sums up the package for a completely customized Glock, except for the trigger.

You can check it out here.

8. ATX Armory Slide Milling – $250 (Service only)

Source: ATXArmory

If all you need is some slide milling and coating, you can utilize ATX Armory to custom cut your slide!

7. Sentinel Cut Glock Slide – $290 (Service Only)

Source: MapleLeafFirearms

Another great option for those who just want to test the waters with a custom slide cut and finish. Instead of paying the whole $2,000 you can utilize this service to reduce the weight of your slide and create a faster cycle. (It also looks cool!)

6. ZEV Hexagon Glock – $ ???

Source: ZEVTechnologies

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this exact built for sale anywhere, but I have seen the website which houses all the individual parts to make this.

If you want to build a custom Glock similar to this one, check here.

5. SAI Glock 43 TIER ONE – $2,295

Source: SalientArmsInternational

Personally, SAI products are a little on the pricey side. While I think it may be possible to get a custom gun smith to build this for you at a fraction of the cost, SAI already has this kit established for you, trusted and professionally built. Is it worth it for the extra cost?

I love the Glock 43, I think it’s one of the better feeling (to me) Glocks because of the single stack magazine. It feels more like a M&P Shield or 1911 than a Glock, but it functions like a Glock.

You can place an order here.

4. ZEV Spartan G19 GEN 3 – $2,044



Another “fully customized” kit as far as everything on this gun seems to be unique from the barrel to the trigger to the frame, nothing was skipped out here!

Of course, the internal functions is what counts as well! Get one here, it’s pretty cheap!

3. SAI TIER ONE Utility Package – $2,495

Source: SailentArmsInternational

Another SAI product, this build is definitely unique, almost looks a bit “steampunk” with the color scheme and barrel tip. (Not sure what the technical term is for that thing.)

The slide has a unique texture that I haven’t seen on any other build. You can buy it here!

2. Agency Arms Complete Build – $1900 + Your Glock

Source: AgencyArms

This is one of those custom gun smith services, but this is definitely top of the line. A G19 costs about $500 – $600, so the cost of the G19 + their custom service, you’re looking at around $2000 for the whole thing, that’s $500 less than SAI.

Of course, you will have to wait for them to complete your build! If you’re up to the task and suspense, you can check them out here.

1. SAI TIER ONE G17 / G19 – $2,495

Source: SailentArmsInternational

In my opinion, this is one of the most iconic builds that Sailent Arms does for the G17 / G19 series.

It’s simple and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike other SAI products, every once in a while I check on their website and it is usually In Stock, which is a shocker for a company like this!

Check if it’s still in stock here!


Custom Glocks are awesome, anyone who tells you otherwise is just jealous.

Stock Glocks are some of the most hideous guns I’ve ever laid my eyes upon! What do you think?

(Yes aesthetics aren’t what guns are supposed to be about, we get it Glock Guy. Keep ruining the fun for everyone else!)

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