True Precision Shield 9mm Barrel Review (Silver)


*Disclaimer: We received this barrel for free from True Precision as a result of our last review where we genuinely disliked their original design. This is an updated design which we will be taking an honest look at! 

Silver is classy! Let’s take a look at how the NEW V2 True Precision shield 9mm barrel holds up!

shield 9mm silver barrel

First Impressions

It’s shiny, very shiny! The shinier it is, the more I like it!

I also tend to believe that a smoother surface for parts with friction like the barrel or a BCG is always a plus. In this case, this is definitely one of the smoother barrels I’ve seen for a pistol.

Comparison to Previous Barrels

On the left is the original True Precision shield barrel and to the right is the version 2 barrel.

Immediately, I love the smooth barrel vs the golf ball effect. This may just be a personal preference, but everyone who had seen the original golf ball barrel always commented about how funny it looked.

m&p shield 9mm chrome silver polished barrel

This new silver barrel however, looks fantastic on the gun!

Larger Feed Ramp

The feed ramp on the new barrel is significantly wider than the one on the original barrel.

This means that the gun should feed much better in the event that the bullet is for whatever reason not fully aligned. As a result of the wider feeding ramp, the reliability for the shield should be enhanced!

It also seems to be much more smooth and polished than the original (True Precision barrel) which featured a weird texture.

However, in comparison to the stock Shield barrel, it seems that the stock barrel is much smoother. The original barrel was not polished or modified.

That being said, the feed ramp is still wider on the True Precision vs. the stock shield barrel, which in my eyes is a plus.


silver barrel shield

Many “gun guys” really hate it when people talk about aesthetics with guns. Purists prefer rugged functionality and zero emphasis on looks.

However, due to the theory that a smoother barrel should lead to smoother cycling, and because I think more polished and shiny objects look better than matte or dull objects, better looks in this case should lead to better performance.

I have only had an opportunity to use this barrel once at the range, but I can report zero misfeedings so far!

As far as accuracy goes, it seems to be on par with the default shield barrel.

The shield itself is a very slim gun so it’s tough to get a good grip on it. I’m basically just making an excuse for the fact that I’m a terrible shot with 9mm hand guns and prefer .357 or .45 when it comes to accurate or competition shooting.

There is one part about this barrel that I do not like and that is the top of the barrel.

The most prominent part of the barrel which shows on the gun has these weird lines on the top, almost like CNC lines or something.

shield 9mm silver stainless barrel custom

I think it would have been nice to have a smooth mirror polish on this part of the barrel at least, but I don’t think it has had any significant impact on the reliability of it, it’s just something I have to nit pick about this barrel.

This barrel can be purchased for $169.99 from True Precision’s website here.

Or on eBay here! 

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