True Precision Shield 9mm Barrel Review


UPDATE: We received the Version 2 True Precision barrel and have an updated review posted here

True precision creates custom “Match Grade” barrels for Glocks and M&P products. I’ve been using this barrel in my shield for the past few months so this review will be my perspective and thoughts on my use of this barrel.


shield 9mm tin barrel

Of course, part of the reason for getting a barrel like this is for the looks. True Precision offers their barrels in many colors, including black, blue, and rose red.

I am a fan of the “gold” TiN look. However, what I am not a fan of is the dimpled barrel.

The barrel dimples are designed to help dissipate heat, it just happens to be a personal preference of mine that I don’t like the dimpled look very much. And most people who have seen my gun also comment about how they dislike the dimpled barrel look as well.

This is up for personal preference, but as far as the TiN “gold” look goes, I am definitely a fan.

Concerns With the Design

The barrel is not overly “shiny” however, I would have preferred a fully polished, almost mirror gloss finish on the barrel.

The barrel seems to have more of a “brushed” matte look than a shiny mirror finish, which again, I would prefer a more polished barrel.

There are a lot of manufacturing lines all over this barrel, swirls and designs like this barrel is raw straight off the mill.

I would have preferred if they put a little more polish and touching up in the barrel design. For a company called “True Precision” it seemed like they glossed over a few fine details here.

The very first thing I noticed when I first received the barrel was this texture on the feed ramp. Normally, you would want a smooth, polished feed ramp.

This is very concerning and I have had a few jams with this gun, not sure if it was due to the feed ramp or some other issue as I didn’t have a control to test with. (Never had feeding issues with the stock Shield barrel.)

This textured design on the feed ramp is the real deal killer for me and the reason I do not have confidence with “True Precision” in regards to this barrel.

It seems that more effort could have been put into the design of the barrels which they label as “Match Grade.”

Needless to say, I have more confidence in the stock shield barrel than I do with this one, and I wouldn’t trust this barrel as my main carry gun.

While this is a fantastic barrel for the looks and an aesthetic upgrade to your gun, I don’t think it is capable of being an actual competition barrel. This is just my opinion though.

I do enjoy and appreciate the fast shipping of True Precision. I received the barrel in about 2 days from my purchase and it was very securely packaged.

However, my overall impression of these barrels is less than stellar. I would not recommend this brand for their Shield Barrels. I have no experience with their Glock products.

Again, these are just my opinions of my experience with this barrel.

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