Juggernaut Tactical AR-10 Custom Build (California Compliant) Review


After owning a Juggernaut Tactical AR-10 (7.62×51 / .308 Winchester) for several months, I can finally write down my thoughts and experience with this gun. I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love it!

Can be purchased here.

*Note: While we did receive a one time discount, we do not receive any profits or shares for sales or referrals. This is purely my unbiased, honest review of this gun.

Externals and Appearance

Let’s start with how this gun looks first of all because I think it looks fantastic. Immediately upon unveiling this at the range, I had several people come over to me and ask what gun this was.

Most people assume it’s a very large AR-15, but after a few massively loud shots, they soon realize that this isn’t an ordinary AR-15, in fact, it’s an AR-10!

The upper comes standard with their own JT Compensator which really does the trick in terms of sound. Standing behind anyone while they shoot this feels like a hurricane hitting you in the face after every shot.

People in booths next over can usually feel it. (Luckily I like to go shooting in groups so we have a few stalls to ourselves.) We had a video of the stall next to ours, after every shot from this beast, his towel (laying on the stall table) kept slowly blowing further and further away.

This is the 18 inch barrel with 16.5 inch rail set. I have to say that this is quite a heavy gun and I can’t really say that it’s very comfortable to hold all day. If you plan on getting this, make sure you have a sling! (It weighs about 9lbs unloaded)

The upper and lower was assembled using parts purchased from Juggernaut Tactical’s website. I didn’t feel any wobble or loose parts on this gun even after going through about 1000 rounds. (Though I did experience a few hiccups due to my laziness when it comes to rifle cleaning… Not J Tactical’s fault!)


The 18 inch, chrome lined barrel has a 5R 1:10 Twist and is very accurate. I have to give some credit to the Vortex AR sights for helping me achieve some great bulls-eyes.

This was achieved while standing up, using the red dot sight and 3X magnifier at about 15 yards out. My attempt was to pierce all the red circles on this target, while I wasn’t able to achieve my goal, this gun brought me pretty far along!

The muzzle brake does a really great job at managing the recoil. I was aiming for 1 second shots on the above target.

Ammo used: PMC X-Tac 7.62x51mm – 147 Grain FMJ

I have not experienced any feeding issues. These Magpul 10rd .308 mags feed perfectly and the ammo flies perfectly! I have not ran any other type of ammo through this gun, though I may want to pick up some Hornady .308 for some precision long range fun!

As mentioned previously, I did experience one jamming issue where the shell did not eject after it shot. It required some force on the charging handle, but I was able to eject the shell and we set aside the rifle for a good cleaning, afterwards it was fine.

I am planning on replacing the BCG that came with the upper, with a TiN coated and mirror polished one and plan on doing a separate review on it.


While this is a review mainly of the Juggernaut .308 AR-10, a lot of people at my local range ask me about the various accessories I have on my gun. Here is the breakdown:

Sparc AR Red Dot and 3X Magnifier – $400

As stated earlier, I did get my hands on the Vortex Sparc AR and 3X Magnifier combo. It performs exceedingly well at 15 – 25 yard ranges, but will probably need an actual scope for longer distances. (Though this gun can definitely handle long distances!)

The red dot stays sharp through the 3X magnifier and I’m able to see my target easily. I chose this particular red dot for a few reasons, mainly the compact size and the fact that it runs on normal AAA batteries.

My hearing protection runs on AAA batteries, my flash light runs on AAA batteries, it’s just nice to have some synergy between my equipment in case I need some extra batteries.

This combo costs $400 for both the red dot and 3X Magnifier

Angled Foregrip – $20

This angled foregrip is extremely comfortable to hold though you will need some Keymod Rails in order to mount this as there are no rails on the Juggernaut Tactical rails except along the top and at the very ends of the rail.

CVLIFE Bi-Pod – $20

This bi-pod really saved me from the pain and frustration of trying to align the red dot while holding the gun. There’s nothing particularly special about it to be honest, it’s a compact, $20 bi-pod from amazon that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Thordsen FRS-15 – $150

For those who live in California, you’re going to want to get your hands on some kind of Cali-legal grip and stock. The Thordsen FRS-15 did the job for me. Because this stock is made mostly of polymer, it actually does a fantastic job centering the weight of the gun right at the magazine. (Which works perfectly for my sling!)

Since this is a .308 build, you will need the Thordsen .308 Adapter as well.

Note: It did require some filing in order to get the adapter to fit properly on the FRS-15. This is normal so be prepared!

Meeeno Rifle Sling – $17

As I mentioned, you would be a lot happier with a sling on this rifle! This also means you’ll need to pick up some sling mounts. I try to avoid “QD” sling mounts, especially with a heavy rifle like this, most cheap QD sling mounts / attachments aren’t really rated for high weights.

One thing I like in particular about this sling, and why I purchased it, was the quick release snaps. Some might think that the snaps might pose a weak point for this sling, especially on such a heavy gun.

While I have not had this sling break or snap on me, I will say that the reason I appreciate the snaps is because it makes it much easier to quickly release the sling when cleaning or doing other maintenance.

The Juggernaut Tactical Experience

Since I live in California, I had no interest in purchasing a pre-built and “pre-california-ized” version of this gun. So, I opted to build this myself with all the internal parts purchased from Juggernaut Tactical.

The only thing that came pre-assembled was the upper. So that saved me some time while I waited for the 10 day period on the serialized AR-10 lower.

It only took a few hours to properly assemble this, with the hammer and trigger assembly in the lower being my least favorite part of the build. Everything else is pretty straight forward and there’s some pretty great videos on youtube if you want to follow along.

Their staff was very professional and texted me pictures of the built upper so I could confirm everything looked good before shipping. It was about a 2 week process before I got my upper fully built, partially due to the rail not being in stock, but I also had to wait 10 days in order to get the lower from my FFL.

Overall, I was pleased with the experience and am happily enjoying my first AR-10 build. Though, I do want to perform a few upgrades and tweaks on the rifle before I can say this masterpiece is complete, I can thank Juggernaut Tactical for getting me about 90% of the way there.

Note: This is not legal advice. Califronia laws change frequently. Always double check the most recent laws yourself! 

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