Vortex Mico 3X Magnifier BONUS with Holosun HS403C Solar Red Dot


I have been using the Vortex Mico 3X for some time now and I have grown to really appreciate it.

I don’t know of any other magnifier on the market that is as nice as this one. Though the price point is reflected at nearly $300!

The Vortex Mico 3X is an awesome little magnifier.

Most scope magnifiers are pretty hefty and long, but the Vortex Mico 3X is a small, light and compact design that fits well a minimalist build.

Build Quality

The build quality in the Mico 3X is excellent!

I also own the Vortex VMX-3T which is considerably cheaper at $180 vs. the Mico 3X at $300.

The cheaper version

Besides the size and weight, one of the biggest differences between the Mico 3X and the regular VMX-3T is that the Mico 3X can be swung on and off position without requiring the user to push any buttons.

On the regular VMX-3T you have to push a button and apply pressure to swing it to the side. I will also note that on my .308 build, the VMX-3T screws got loose after a few mags and the thing completely fell apart at the range (the scope unmounted from its set screws).

You have to push this button to swing it

Cons of a Mico System

The downside to the Mico 3X and something I had to deal with early on is the eye relief.

Because it is compact, it might be tempting to push it up and keep your build looking “tight” and compact. The problem is finding that sweet spot for the scope to align with your eye sight.

When you’re aiming your rifle, you don’t want to have to adjust your sight to get that sweet spot everytime; it should come instantly and consistently every time you shoulder your weapon.

I ended up having to move the Mico 3X as far back as possible to get that sweet spot (while still retaining my rear backup sight).

It might not be such a con for most people, but it means that saved space (between the magnifier and the red dot) can’t really be used for anything unless the red dot is moved closer as well. Since I already sighted in my red dot, I don’t really want to move it.

It works with Holosun HS403C

I could not find anyone else using the Vortex 3X with the Holosun HS403C online, so I decided to post it myself.

Because the Holosun sits so high, you will need to use the included riser with the Vortex Mico 3X and some adjustment of the magnifier to get it perfectly centered with the Holosun. I can confirm that it does work well once adjusted properly!

I think these two look good together.

In Conclusion

I think that it is worth the extra money because you get the tight build quality, saved space (maybe) and saved weight, as well as being able to swing it in and out without pressing any buttons.

Overall, I feel it is a great value.

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