SC Veterans, Only the Best of the Best! Airsoft Gameplay Videos

SC Veterans is a game day, held every so often by Umbrella Airsoft, where only the best of the best play! …Well maybe just anyone who isn’t a noob. It’s hosted at a Southern California airsoft field called SC Village.  The rules for the Veteran games are simple:
No Engagement Rules
No Bang Bang
No Parlay

Here’s a list of some of the very best videos out there! Some of the videos may contain “Bang Bang’s” However these would be video clips from the “Non-Veteran” games. Enjoy and make sure to support your favorite teams! 🙂



List WAYB 3

WhatAreYouBuyen! Obviously some of the most entertaining people in the airsoft world! KimJongMatt in collaboration with Calvary Airsoft brings us this amazing gameplay video!

List Umbrella

Umbrella, the people who hosted this unforgettable game! Tech work, custom guns, event planning and awesome videos! Truly the perfect team!

List Phantom

Another awesome video from our friends at Phantom Team Airsoft. See the Veterans game from a different team’s perspective! Thanks guys!


List Calvary

Now this is the original edit of WAYB’s video. However, WAYB is too much of a loser to use hardcore music like Calvary! Whooo!

There’s only 4 videos in this post, but these were the best ones from the October 2013 Veterans Game at SC Village! See you guys at the next event!

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