5 Reasons You Suck at Airsoft

5. You Can't Reload

Now we personally love using hicap mags in our guns! After all its one of the advantages of it being AIRSOFT and not real, you can have 300 round mags! But for those of you who rely on infinite ammo, reloading is something new to you, and yes I’ve seen people fail hard at reloading and hold up their chances of getting a potential kill.

4. You're Texting

This is a picture of one of our friends who made the mistake of bringing his phone in his pocket during  a game. The bb shot right into his camera lens. This is from the camera’s perspective. Don’t bring your phone onto the field, lock it in the car, it can wait! (Or protect it properly)

3. Your Gun is Trash

We all heard the saying, “It’s not the tools but the person who uses them.” Well it doesn’t apply if the tools you’re using are garbage! Unless you’re KimJongMatt, running a $100 AEG with 3 RPS and a 5 inch trigger pull isn’t going to give your the competitive edge. If you really want your gun pimped out shoot a message over to our friends at K-Tech Airsoft

2. You Camp in the Back

I know it might be milsim to camp in the back and guarantee you won’t lose your life, but on most large fields (This is an exception on CQB fields) Sniping from the back does little to benefit the team. Sure you might get a few runners streaking across the field, but you could be helping the front lines much better! Airsoft is a game not real life, players don’t make the same decisions you would make in a real life situation, sometimes they take leaps of faith and risks and their reward is a bunch of kills.

1. You're Afraid to Get Shot!

Now you’re keeping up with the front lines, but what now? You’re barley turning the corner, you’re allowing others to get ahead of you, why? Because you’re afraid to get shot, maybe it hurts or maybe you’re proud you got up so far you don’t want to die and lose all that progress. Well I say, just go for it, check if it’s clear! Take that leap of faith and move up to the next cover. After all it’s just a game and you need to play competitively if you want to be satisfied!

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