Madbull Attacks K Tech Airsoft, Noveske Amps May Not Be Doing Too Well

Earlier last week Madbull made a few interesting posts on their instagram account, attacking “copies” of their amplifiers. I think we know exactly who their attacks were directed towards. But why attack K Tech when Madbull is such a “big” and “successful” company?

Our speculation is that Madbull is feeling their amplifiers becoming more and more irrelevant as K Tech slowly moves in to dominate the market! This is clearly a sign of weakness, I can not see any other logical reason Madbull felt the need to do this.

Many Try to Copy…

Madbull Comment

This is what Madbull had to say, now they didn’t target K Tech or any other “copies” in particular but I think it’s pretty obvious who this attack as directed towards.


Madbull’s airsoft amplifiers are based off the real steel Noveske amplifiers right? What are K Tech Ampifiers based off? Nothing! It’s an original design by K Tech! So whose the real copy? Looks like Madbull… #FAIL!

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Judging by the amount of “pro-K Tech” comments on Madbull’s posts, it seems like Madbull may have misjudged their own fan base!

PRICE WARS! Madbull Takes Pride In Being the Cheap Alternative!

Madbull Comment 2

Here’s what Madbull had to say:

Confused why a copy costs more. Just a color makes you like it? Our products are sold on and the best pricing…. The clear winner is Madbull Airsoft… Read and know the facts

It seems that many people who liked Madbull were insulted by this post. “Just a color makes you like it?” Is Madbull seriously calling out people who like K Tech amplifiers? Is this any way to conduct business?

How about try and figure out why people like K Tech Amplifiers so much instead of bashing on potentially your own fan base! Clearly people are not impressed with the way Madbull presented themselves and it was evident in the comments.


Congrats on being $5 cheaper Madbull! However you forgot to mention that K Tech amplifiers are sold with free shipping and K Tech pays the sales tax on eBay!

So whose really the more cost effective alternative?  Read and know the facts!

UPDATE: Madbull has since removed this image from their instagram page. Their attack on K Tech must have backfired on them! Maybe they will think twice before attacked a well loved brand! 

Attacks Backfire!

Comment 2


Comment 1Comment 3b

Comment 4


NO we did not put these people up to this! It looks like these are Madbull’s own Instagram followers lashing back at Madbull for their careless attacks! Hopefully this gives Madbull some insight into how their customer base truly feels about K Tech.

What Does This Mean For K Tech?

In our opinion, this shows two things about Madbull.

1.) They recognize that K Tech Airsoft is now a key player in the airsoft industry

2.) They See K Tech as a genuine threat to their once happy market dominance on amplifiers.

3.) They think they have total dominance and control over their fanbase

Remember these things are merely our speculation, we don’t know if this is actually true or not, but it would seem plausible that a large, established company like Madbull sees K Tech as a legitimate threat!

Madbull/Noveske Holding the Airsoft Market Back?

I think Madbull is trying to hold back the Airsoft market! Instead of allowing new companies to experiment and release new products to the industry, I think Madbull has shown where they really stand in terms of expanding and growing the airsoft industry!

It seems as if they would rather destroy the competition than have the industry grow and thrive with lots of new products and competition that would naturally benefit all companies in the industry! We love to see up and coming airsoft companies thrive and succeed! Apparently, it seems as if Madbull doesn’t want the industry to thrive!

k tech airsoft noveske love

This is a very old post on K Tech’s instagram account. This was back in the day when the K Tech guys were making chrome mock silencers out of their garage. They clearly had some respect for Noveske, they even gave them free promotion!

Perhaps K Tech did get some inspiration from Madbull/Noveske amplifiers?

Imagine, after all these years, the company that inspired you to get into this business is now attacking you and trying to put you down… Even if you guys are competitors, that must really feel bad for a small, up and coming company like K Tech!

….Damn Madbull, you guys suck!

K Tech will come in and disrupt the industry! Better watch out Madbull, K Tech is going to be the new standard, pretty soon you might have to start copying K Tech in order to stay in business!


It looks like K Tech Airsoft is a major player in the industry now. They are going to be sticking around for a long time, and hopefully we see some great things from them! The “establishment” airsoft companies seem to be hostile towards new comers but the people want something new and innovate and “cool,” and K Tech is at least giving the people what they want!

Let’s see if K Tech or Madbull release anything new or revolutionary that sways the fans over to their side. Airsoft just got a little more interesting!


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*This article is our analysis. It is merely our opinions and thoughts on the subject. We do not claim any facts. We only wish to share what we think about the whole situation. Many have shared these posts with us asking what we thought? We figured it would be better to make an article here so we don’t have to answer everybody individually. Again this is our opinion only.

**K Tech Airsoft and WhatAreYouBuyen are separate entities.

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