Top 7 Best Airsoft Snipers For the Budget

Here’s a list of some of the best airsoft snipers that you can get for a decent price. The price should justify the gun! We’ve compiled a list based on guns we have reviewed before and this is what we think┬ámakes the cut!

#7 A&K SVD Spring Sniper


This is a really fun sniper for SVD fans out there! What we love about this sniper is the price points $90 – $100, and the performance is not half bad either! Looks nice, can’t really complain much about it, you get what you pay for!

#6 JG Bar 10

Not the best sniper we’ve ever used, but it definitely is higher quality than most airsoft snipers we’ve used! It has many flaws but the price point and internal customization is what many people buy it for!

#5 Winchester 1892 Gas Rifle

Here’s a classic! Really fun though not really very field worthy. This is still a ton of fun to mess around with!

#4 Well G96 Gas Sniper

Despite anything we may have done earlier on in this video, we actually really found this to be a very accurate and powerful sniper!

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#3 ASG SLAW .338 Spring Sniper

Being spring powered makes this a choice sniper for us. Not having to deal with CO2 canisters, or leaky gas mags, this sniper is a lot of fun and very consistent from shot to shot! The folding stock, build quality, and material is very well made. Unlike most spring snipers, the bolt cocking is very smooth and not as hard as one would expect from a 400 FPS (.02g BB) sniper!

#2 Tokyo Marui PSG-1 AEG Sniper

tm psg1

Really fun sniper, AEG is a nice change, though we prefer gas or spring, it’s always nice to see a decent AEG sniper on the market! The TM PSG-1 does not disappoint!

#1 WE M14 GBB Rifle

This is our number one favorite rifle ever! Really this is our most beloved rifle! Best ever!!!


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