Top 10 Airsoft Shotguns That You Need To Buy Right Now

There’s many airsoft shotguns out there, some are crap and some are overpriced. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 airsoft shotguns that you need to try! Doesn’t matter if it’s spring, gas, or anything else, we’re looking for the best airsoft shotguns where the price is justified and the performance is acceptable!

#10 UTG Trishot

Earning the prestigious #10 spot on this list, the UTG Trishot is the cheapest, crappiest, but most affordable and beginner friendly shotgun on this list! It probably will break after a while, but what’s $30 – $50 bucks for a beginner shotgun? We hate it! But it’s entry level and fun to play with and it’s multi-shot, which is a really important feature for any shotgun!

#9 A&K M870 Full Metal Shotgun

source: kotachan2525
Source: Kotachan2525

Single shot, but unlike some of the G&P shotguns, this one is actually priced very reasonably, real wood, and metal construction. It’s a nice gun but it’s a single shot which is very disappointing! What I like about this gun however is that isn’t not as difficult to pump compared to the UTG.

#8 G&P M870 Goliath Shotgun

Quite possible the most expensive shotgun on this list, over $500!!! These things are really, really nice shotguns but at the same time, an incredible waste of money for something that only shoots a single BB. Why buy a shotgun if it only shoots a single BB? Well of course, the pumping action is a lot more practical than cocking the shell ejection lever like standard spring airsoft rifles, so we’ll give it that! But why single shot?

It is certainly very accurate and very attractive. The biggest con being the price and single shot which makes it not really a good shotgun.

#7 G&P M870 P.T.E.


Any of the G&P shotguns are very attractive, full metal spring shotguns. Again the biggest con being they are really high priced, and they are single shot. We’re ready some articles about converting them to multi shot, but I think it’s pretty clear that people want a shotgun that shoots more than one bb. It’s a shame really, I would never buy these unless they were priced more reasonably, but they are beautiful!

#6 APS EMG SAI CAM870 Co2 Shotgun


This is probably one of the best looking shotguns on this list, and it’s the most realistic with shell ejection and 12 bb burst! But the insane realism comes with a price of annoying shells you need to pick up, this is airsoft after all. Definitely a wall hanger and good for films! If there’s one thing that worries us about this shotgun it’s that it’s APS.

#5 CYMA Full Metal CM350MN M870

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Basically the nice version of the UTG Trishot, featuring full metal construction and of course, multi-shot! What we like about it is everything that embodies an airsoft shotgun: price, multi-shot, realistic construction. What we don’t really like about it: CYMA.

#4 JKW Double Barrel Gas Shotgun


This thing is awesome, definitely stands out on the field! And it doesn’t have the annoying shell ejection you would expect from the other shotguns, however you are limited to only 2 shots. And like many of these gas, shell shotguns, you must load bbs and gas in the shells, which slows down the process! In our experience, some of the shells have use have leaked over time and needed the O-rings replaced which is always a pain! This wins points for uniqueness, and easy to reload/no troublesome shell ejection. It’s partially usable on the field but probably better as a side arm.

#3 S&T M870 Type Full Metal Shotgun

Source: Tiger111hk
Source: Tiger111hk

Personally, my favorite in terms of looks! Price point is also very affordable!

 #2 Tokyo Marui M870


Now this is the shotgun we’ve all been waiting for! Selectable 3 or 6 round firing and no annoying shell ejecting. Now we’ve heard some reports that the pump action can break if done too quickly or too powerfully, so we advice you take care of this. Though not as beautiful as the G&P shotguns, it’s still quite nice and definitely one of the most gameplay practical on this list!


Everybody’s favorite shotgun from COD and Bad Company 2. (Well not mine) This is a great shotgun with 3 shot burst and it holds 90 bbs. That’s 30 shots! Now personally, I hate the idea of a shotgun being battery powered, but you do get the added benefit of full auto! Also the fact that this uses a magazine makes reloading and using on the field a breeze. It also has an optional 3000rd drum magazine. Batteries aside, the TM AA-12 is the most gameplay practical shotgun on this list! It’s also the most unique!

Having three individual hopups can allow the player to adjust the spread to their desired need. Honestly, don’t think it really matters that much, just get a usable spread depending on the field you’re playing at and wing it. It’s a very beautiful gun! Very very fun to play with and I hate the fact that’s its battery powered but what are we going to do about it?

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