Making Airsoft Great Again!

WhatAreYouBuyen is, in the words of our fans, “The most hated and most loved airsoft channel!” We make entertaining, exciting, sometimes provocative, and really, really great airsoft reviews. We have some of the best actors on our crew, the funniest comedians in all of airsoft, and the best camera and cinematography techniques of any airsoft channel!

We are hated by the “establishment” airsoft channels (The ones who film boring reviews in front of a green screen and suck up to their sponsors), but we are loved by so many ordinary people who want to see a new channel take the spotlight and say what needs to be said about certain airsoft guns. We tell the truth, we speak our mind, and we get shunned for it? We are WhatAreYouBuyen, and we are making Airsoft great again!

Making Airsoft Great Again!

Airsoft is in some serious decline! From getting bashed in the news to being banned in many places, airsoft is in some serious doodoo! Other mainstream youtube channels make boring, unappealing videos about airsoft (that only appeal to people who already airsoft) doesn’t help!

Why do we always speak ill of other airsoft review channels? Why are we constantly trash talking the “establishment” channels? Let’s break it down simply: these guys are not bringing any new entertainment value to the game of airsoft and they are not converting any non-airsofters to the sport of airsoft! Funny that they always accuse our channel of “turning people away from airsoft,” with our silly antics, and crazy reviews, yet, many comments on our videos read along the lines of, “I don’t play airsoft but WAYB got me into it!”

Are you saying that making funny videos, that appeal to basically everyone, actually makes people want to get into airsoft?? Wow who would have guessed? I thought filming a stupid, boring review in front of a green screen, using airsoft jargon and inside jokes, and sucking up to my sponsor would get new people hyped about airsoft! I thought posting a boring gameplay video of me hiding most of the time really gets people excited about airsoft!!! I thought filming stupid reviews with very little effort or editing would make people really respect airsoft!!! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

The Best Airsoft Videos

Daniel shotgun - Copy

Have you ever seen a more beautiful, HD video than WhatAreYouBuyen reviews? (In airsoft videos that is) We bring unprecedented production value to an industry that seems to not even care. An industry that has a serious lack of creative professionals and serious lack of effort. While all the other channels are busy having a fun time out on the airsoft fields, those guys don’t even make the time to be technically savvy, edit their videos, or do an overall good job. Very few channels do that. (Though there are other channels who do a great great job! Most of them suck!)

Who Cares About The Sponsors?



I’ve never seen it so bad. These other channels, they’re like puppets for their sponsors. They are totally controlled by their sponsors! A sponsor sends them a free gun and they immediately start kissing up to them, giving their sponsors a usually boring, uninspired shout out in the beginning of every video: “This video is brought to you by _______!” Yay that was so exciting! I totally want to buy from them now!

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They could have sent them a completely broken, trash gun and I bet these channels would still tell their fans how awesome and amazing the gun is! Talk about complete hypocrisy! The airsoft industry accuses us of not making “real” reviews, yet it’s their favorite youtubers who sit in front of a camera and tell their fans that every gun they have ever received from their sponsor is a work of art! How is that a “real” review? Reviews are opinionated, reviewers are supposed to have a real, genuine (educated) opinion! Reading the specs and praising every gun you have ever received is not a review, it’s a complete waste of time!

Let’s be real here, the only reason these channels really make such uninspired, boring videos is because they are so desperate not to lose their sponsors! They worked so hard for these sponsors, it probably took them years to get their precious, one sponsor and now they don’t want to blow it. And of course, the sponsor is out to make money, they have special interested in these reviews that the airsoft channel doesn’t even think about! They are merely puppets for their sponsors to get sales! NOT US! We don’t care if you’re sponsoring us or not.

Sending us a free airsoft gun will not permit us to LIE to our fans about it!

We’re here to give our honest opinion. That is what a real review is! You don’t have to like our opinion, you don’t have to respect it, but calling our videos “fake reviews” is just not accurate! Other channels cling to their previous one sponsor, while WhatAreYouBuyen can blow through many sponsors all the time, drink sponsors, airsoft sponsors, drone sponsors, you name it!

Airsoft is in the Dark Ages

Seriously, what does making crappy, unedited airsoft videos and having 48 year old dudes reviewing toy guns give us? An industry that is dying and not appealing to anyone except weirdos. Go to any airsoft field, most of the players at an airsoft field are social rejects, people who don’t know how to socialize other than getting angry because “someone didn’t call their hits!” Or people who are so desperate for attention that they walk around with their gold, custom TM build, flashing it around, hoping that people will notice it and complement them for their toy gun! That’s about the only time most players actually talk to each other.  It’s so sad but true!

Airsoft is really anti-social! And teams always huddle around their own little spot, rarely socializing with other teams unless what? Unless someone didn’t call their hits or someone over shot another person, then it’s fisticuffs! This is noy how a modern, social sport should be played! This does not attract new people to play! This only makes airsoft less appealing to new comers and more appealing to weird people who get high off getting pissed about cheaters in what was supposed to be a game for Japanese children.

But the sad truth is, a lot of airsofters don’t even want new talent to join the industry!  They like the old ways of doing things, they like hanging out with the people they “approve of.” They are afraid that new players will come to airsoft and get speedy kills, and not be “milsim” enough, and not hide behind cover and play as if it were “real” war. They are afraid when new airsoft channels rise above the other boring channels, disrupt the statuesque, and change the way people view airsoft videos forever!

Get Used To It!

Learn to love us! We are rising above many of the other respected channels that have been around years before us. We’re bringing new content to the world of airsoft and these old boys aren’t going to bully us out of it. I’ve seen it many times, established airsofters bashing on WhatAreYouBuyen videos and banning WAYB from airsoft forums and groups. They are afraid of us because very soon they will become irrelevant! Seriously, get used to WhatAreYouBuyen and learn to enjoy our airsoft content while it lasts! (We won’t be filming airsoft crap forever, our channel has bigger plans!)

It’s so sad to see how terribly we have been mistreated over the years! From people literally asking us to kill ourselves, to airsofters joining up to get our videos banned from their forums/youtube (They failed of course!). We’ve taken quite a lot of heat over the years, but we’re still growing, now, faster than ever before! Pretty soon we’ll be the ones running the forums, running the show, sponsoring other teams, and making lots of great deals in the world of airsoft! We’re bringing the most talented comedians and entertainers to airsoft! We bring the highest production quality and camera work that no other airsoft review channel can match! We are the best airsoft review channel out there and no one can talk trash on us when it comes to that regard! We will make airsoft great again, but we can’t do it without everyone’s support and respect!

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