Top 10 Gas Pistols that Shoot Straight and Work Great!


Here’s a top 10 list of our favorite GBB Pistols! These top 10 gas pistols are some of the coolest that we have reviewed. Starting with the most affordable, but still awesome! To the best of the best, might cost more than your AEG pistols!

[header text=”#10 WE 1911″]

We TEch Gold 1911

WE-Tech makes a lot of 1911 variants, but their pretty much the same. Their mags are dirt cheap! But they only hold ~15 shots and the mag lip is fragile!

It is affordable, its cheap and it shoots alright! Not the best, but pretty okay!


[header text=”#9 HK3 PX4″]

PX4 4

Its sexy and sleek and shoots great! The only downfall is the WE-Tech mags, although more affordable than the TM mags, are very easy to break, and you will need to buy at least 5 to start off with.
You can read our FULL REVIEW HERE!

[header text=”#8 TM 5-7″]

TM 5-7

This gun is unique, huge mags for good gas usage! The mags are a little expensive but the accuracy is pin point!

[header text=”#7 TM Desert Eagle”]

TM Desert Eagle - Copy

Wouldn’t it be awesome to field one of these? Chrome, full metal upgraded, maybe have two?
Okay might not be the most practical gun, BUT its awesome, cool, unique, and of course it shoots straight! 😉

[header text=”#6 KWA M93R”]

kwa M93R

Pretty cool gun! Semi, burst and Full auto! NS2 Gas System! It’s one step above your average M9!

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[header text=”#5 KWA 1911″]

KWA Makes some of the best gas guns for sure and this one is no exception!

kwa 1911

THIS IS A REVIEW YOU CAN’T MISS!!!  (Although an old review and we screwed up on the gas loading)

[header text=”#4 H&K USP”]


Shoots straight! Shoots consistent! Very Crispy! Mmmm Tasty!

[header text=”#3 TM Extreme 45″]


This pistol is ONLY full auto, why chose it?

Anything else I need to say?

Okay so you can lower the rate of fire to a reasonable rate, and at this point it becomes a powerful pistol for both CQB and fields. Learning to shoot in 2 shot bursts really helps HIT them and makes sure they CALL THEIR HIT when they get shot twice!

[header text=”#2 KWA ATP”]

KWA ATP (small)

This gun is a WAYB favorite! We love it! It’s affordable, its crisp and it POWNS!!! Don’t believe me? Check out this quick vid!


… drum roll please…



TM 51 list

Matts 51 (small)

Number one would have to go to the Tokyo Marui 5.1, by far the most upgradable, compatible gun you can get! So many parts available for it and always shoots straight! We’re not being TM fan boys here, this gun really is kick ass! Compare this to a WE 5.1 and you will immediately feel and see a huge difference!

If you know anything about KimJongMatt, he’s one of the best airsofters in southern california and this is his top choice for a side arm and main gun!

Thanks for reading this list of our top 10 favorite airsoft pistols! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or make your own top 10 list in our forums! 😀

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