4 Cheap Full Metal Airsoft M4 AEGs for Beginners

If you’re looking for some cheap full metal airsoft M4 AEGs to start off with, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the only ones you really need to know about! These full metal AEGs aren’t really the best guns ever (internally speaking) however we’re assuming the reason you want this is because you’re just starting out or you anticipate upgrading the internals at a future time and just want a cheap full metal body to start off with! Whatever the reason is, here’s a list of cheap full metal M4 AEGs for you to check out!

1. Dboys Full Metal M4 CQB ~$160


This was actually one of my first airsoft AEGs. I recommend the CQB version (pictured above) because ultimately the inner barrels are the same length and you get the benefit of larger battery space in the rear of the gun. The rear battery space will be useful for future upgrades. Also the build quality of the metal on the Dboys, in my past experience, has been very good! The body has a nice, semi-gloss finish that allowed us to easily spray paint our team’s logo right on the side of it. Really nice though the internals are nothing special, if you’re interested you can check it out here!

 2. COLT Full Metal M4 AEG ~200


This M4 features a full metal CQB style body just like the Dboys, but with that extra cash you’re getting a branded body with logo on it. (The Dboys body is blank, perfect for custom engraving or painting!) If you’re not into that you can get this COLT full metal M4 AEG with a slightly sturdier build! You can check out the full specs here!

3. TSD Full Metal SR-16 AEG ~$230


Another CQB variant, what’s the deal? Well as I’ve said before, you will really appreciate a rear battery design for M4 AEG, this will allow full customization for the rail sets and ease of access to the batteries, trust us, you won’t regret it! TSD is mostly known for their pistols and revolver line up. I have not personally experienced this particular one as it was not around when I first got into airsoft and was also seeking a full metal M4 to start off with. Back then we had brands like AGM and Dboys. However there seems to be an overwhelming amount of 5 star reviews on this products amazon page, I would take their word for it! Check this gun out here! 

4. Dboys M16 SPR MOD 1 ~$240


Wow, you guys must really like Dboys or something? More or less you should expect the same crappy internal quality from Dboys but what it lacks in internals Dboys make up for in their great externals. At least from a fair price point, you’re getting a full metal M4 for a pretty decent price! Check this one out here!


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That’s it for this short list! There aren’t very many budget friendly, cheap full metal airsoft M4 AEGs! So if you’re on a really tight budget but want a full metal airsoft M4 to start off with, then any of the guns on this list should be fine.

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