How To Make An Epic Airsoft Review (And Get Sponsored)

How to Make an Epic Airsoft Review

Now some people might think this video is a joke, but there’s really a lot of deep wisdom and insight in this video. However, if you’re looking for some more “serious” insight, you can scroll down to see some more professional advice.

Alright so maybe this video wasn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for some legit advice, here’s some real advice!

1. Have a Good (Decent) Camera


Now I’m not saying you have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on camera and filming equipment but come on, no one wants to watch your crappy review filmed on a gopro!

I know I know, some of our old reviews don’t look so great! BUT at least the camera work wasn’t half bad and the editing has always been top notch even for our old crappy reviews. You can’t complain, some of our old content is still much better than what I’ve seen in today’s airsoft video community. Which leads us to point number two.

2. Learn How To Edit


Video editing is one of the hardest and most respectable techniques in the video industry. Some people think they’re good at editing and others know they suck and don’t even bother to learn. This is a problem specifically with airsoft videos where a lot of young kids try to get into the industry but don’t even bother trying their hand at editing. Actually, it might also be the older kids who really are too lazy to do the editing. (Kids these days seem to be proficient with software.) Nobody wants to watch your unedited, single cut, 8 minute airsoft review filmed with a gopro!!! And believe me, your potential sponsors aren’t going to be impressed either!

There is a lot of free video editing software out there so you don’t have any excuses!

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3. Impress People

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Look, if you’re not going to bother to make an impressive looking video because you think the fans don’t care or it won’t get a lot of views. WHO CARES? Put in the effort because contraty to popular belief, even if your view count is relatively small, sponsors do care about video production quality. One of the reasons they send products out to you is so you can produce videos that they otherwise would not be able to produce. (Either because they don’t have the filming skills or the creativity to do so) A lot of the big retailers these days have their own YouTube channel with a lot more subscribers than you, so what’s going to get you that sponsorship then if you don’t have the fans? The video quality. LEARN IT!

4. Have Fun!

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If you’re bored while you’re filming your review, so are the viewers! A great way to have some fun is to invite your friends to the review. Of course that brings in some complications that I don’t want to get into such as make sure your friends aren’t obnoxious, attention hogs, etc… It’s still an airsoft review after all. (Sounds funny coming from us doesn’t it?) But it’s still possible to have a fun review all by yourself, it’s just that the thing about airsoft is it’s fun to shoot stuff! Look at some of the real gun videos, lots of great videos filmed with just one person.

5. Shoot Stuff!

shoot stuff

It’s an airsoft gun, it was designed to shoot things! Don’t be a loser who just unboxes the gun, talks about the gun the entire time and doesn’t even bother to shoot it? What did I watch this review for? No one cares about your professional milsim opinion or how “operator” you were with it last weekend, just shoot it already! one thing is true, the camera doesn’t lie. If the hop up sucks or the bb’s drop, you’ll be able to capture it in beautiful HD slowmotion on your awesome camera that you invested thousands of dollars into!!


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