The VFC UMP is a wonderful looking gun, the plastic is ultra sturdy as well. (Trust us, we did an very in depth strength test!) What can we say though, if we aren’t impressed with the performance. Not that this gun is completely useless, but the price might not justify the wimpy internals that can’t even handle full auto.



This thing is not too bad, it’s very light weight, comfortable to hold and looks really great! I mean we probably already gave it away from the featured image, but we totally destroyed this gun. Don’t let that discourage you though. I mean, I know we have a ton of influence over the airsoft industry, but come on, just because WhatAreYouBuyen destroyed a gun doesn’t mean you all have to! Also I just have to mention that the kick on this gun is insane! Really impressive.

We liked it, I mean that with absolute sincerity, that’s why we specifically requested this gun from Airsplat! The best sponsor in the whole world!!!



This gun isn’t impressing anyone. With the range of a pistol out of the box, this gun will need some tweaking to the hop up. Now we tried to get the damn thing to work but we couldn’t. If anyone out there is reading this, please tell us you had a different experience with this gun’s range! We want to believe that it isn’t as bad as it was! But then again, we dissected this gun down to the inner barrel and it is not very long! If the barrel is that short, and probably not the best inner barrel, then our conclusion may be justified.

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It’s a GBB UMP! You gotta thank VFC for trying, I mean this is the first of its kind. Really an impressive gun, and we would much rather have this over the Kriss Vector, which bears a similar resemblance. What can we say? We have a thing for gas guns, I don’t know, not having to recharge batteries and getting that realistic recoil is just a fantastic experience, and it’s how Airsoft should be if you’re going for that realism why get an AEG?



Now our lawyers tell us we have to say this, I mean normally I wouldn’t care, seriously if you want to do something stupid be my guest, you’re the idiot not me. What’s that? I have to say it? Fine. Don’t try anything stupid at home okay guys, that’s a terrible idea and K Tech Airsoft does not endorse this kind of activity. There I said it! Now watch this video.





We jammed this barrel full of dirt, lit this gun on fire and brought it through hell and back, and somehow this VFC UMP was able to blast the dirt right out of it’s barrel. Now if the hop up actually worked, I’m sure the dirt would have flew much farther! 😉 But you gotta admit, if this thing is capable of blasting the dirt right out of the barrel, then why wasn’t it able to launch the BB farther than roughly 60 feet? Disappointing.



You know this gun was a beast to kill, definitely a worthy opponent. It took us so much longer than we needed to, to defeat this monster! At least you know that if you drop this gun it’s going to be fine! Just don’t shoot it on full auto, it might explode!



It was a fight well fought. I’m glad we had the honor of this match, but all great things must come to an end. Sorry guys, this is where we finish for today. This gun isn’t terribly bad, perhaps we over reacted as a bit of showmanship, but for $350 we really did expect better. Come on VFC, bring up that quality!

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