Why We’re Quitting Airsoft


We came into the airsoft industry with a good sense of humor and unmatched video editing. We pissed a lot of people off and we enjoyed it! But it’s really time we move on.

What Was Once Fun Has Become a Chore

Our channel was started over 6 years ago, we were kids in high school. Airsoft was “cool” to us back then, but now (most of us) have grown up, got jobs, responsibilities, goals, etc… Airsoft is not really a factor in our lives anymore. (or ever to be honest!) People grow up, interests and hobbies change, and we want to be able to create videos about stuff that we actually enjoy or are interested int!

We truly enjoyed airsoft back when we started the channel, but now we have other interests and want to pursue new avenues with our content! I’m sure you would prefer to see us making videos about things we are passionate about instead making videos about something that’s “forced.” Although we’re pretty honest about it, we hate airsoft and airsoft guns are literally worthless trash to us!

Similar to the reason popular channels like LevelCap also left the Airsoft scene, creating that type of content just isn’t as enjoyable for us anymore.

It’s Not What We Want To Be Known For

Seriously, we understand that our own videos are pretty silly, that being said they were great memories! But everything changed when we got a huge breath of fresh air filming our apple watch review.

This review was so much fun to make, and though the subject matter was radically different from our airsoft content, the style in which we reviewed and the humor was all till there. Since we posted this particular video, we received a ton of business inquiries, requests, and offers from many different networks and companies looking for us to do more tech reviews!

Airsoft is Over

Airsoft is just no longer on our radar. The industry is small, inbred, and childish. Most companies are really unprofessionally run, mostly ran by hobbyists and not really professional business people. The industry “leaders” such as popular airsoft youtube channels, that aren’t really even that famous compared to other youtubers, have shown hostility towards us. Meanwhile, many tech review outlets and media companies have reached out to us with open arms!

We don’t hate airsofters, we just don’t like the airsoft industry in general.

There’s no question that at some point you can expect the airsoft videos to cease. That is, unless we are able to find a talented group of people who can take over the airsoft “series” on our channel, while we, the original members, seek out new avenues and content opportunities.

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