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Our friends at Acetech Airsoft were kind enough to send us a free tracer unit to review! This tracer unit claims to be one of the brightest, and in our opinion, it does deliver!

We tried getting video of the tracer in the dark, but our cameras aren’t really built for low light… There’s just a certain degree of quality they we are looking for when we upload videos. Instead, please enjoy a video from the Acetech guys themselves!

Build Quality

Tracer 1

The first thing we noticed about this unit is the simplistic design. It resembles a silencer like any other. No fancy or weird design choices or weird grips/buttons on the side.

We would classify this as a mid-level tracer unit. It does what it needs to do. It doesn’t have any fancy (arguably unnecessary) screens or adjustment buttons, but it also isn’t a bottom of the bin tracer unit like some others we have used.

It feels like metal. Though the front and back end caps are plastic, the body is made of metal and feels sturdy and high quality.

Tracer 3

Admittedly there is an unsightly seam mark on the back of the tracer unit.  In fact, our only complaint is about the back end cap of the unit. It is incredibly plastic feeling and the finish looks a bit shiny, unlike the matte finish of the rest of the tracer. It looks like plastic. This is the one part of the unit we do not like to look at!


As we said previously, we were unable to capture satisfactory video/photography for this as our cameras suck in darkness! But is looked bright and very noticeable.


This tracer unit uses 4 AAA batteries. We have not tested the longevity of the battery life, but so far it has not failed us.


The packaging for this tracer unit is really unique. It comes with its own molle pouch, which is a really nice addition. It can be used to hold the tracer unit or possibly a pistol mag when the tracer is in use. It’s a cool packaging that we haven’t seen too often!


Tracer 2

We like this thing. As you can see in the picture above, there is a clear distinction between the metal body and the plastic end cap, but other than that, it functions the way it is supposed to!

This review is brought to you by Acetech! They supplied us with this free tracer unit, we were not paid to promote or give a good review about their product!

If you are interested, you can buy one here!

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