The New Reviews are Technically Superior

camera man 1 (small)

This lovely man is manning our new slomotion camera! It is an Olympus SH-50. Our current Cannon DSLR rig is only capable of 60 FPS slomotion! BOOOO!!

When we’re shooting soda cans, it looks pretty sexy at 60 fps but what about 120 fps? This camera is capable of 120 fps at 720p and on TOP of that it has 24X zoom!
We are aware that the GoPro is capable of 120 fps at 720p as well, but the wide angle really takes away from the quality of the slomotion, the fact that we’re zoomed in so close, being able to see the tiny soda particles in HD slomo is just great!

Daniel shotgun - Copy

Here’s an image from one of our upcoming review! What makes this image technically superior is the dynamic range, color, sharpness and contrast! And of course an image like this would no be possible without lighting!

[code scroll=”false”] [/code]
In the past we filmed our reviews run and gun. No lighting, no real set up, just go out and film whatever in the natural lighting, sometimes it looked good, sometimes it looked really bad, too bright or too dark. Now, we did our best to make sure every shot was crisp, clean and well lit! 😉

Camera man 2 (small)

And of course the lighting wouldn’t have been possible without Fat Boi! I dare someone to make a meme out of this!

Here’s a trailer of our new review! A few of these shots are from the new Olympus camera. If you like what you see and agree that it looks a lot better than our past review then get ready for an amazing review season starting this February 2nd!

Don’t forget to pick up a patch from us! 😀
It’s like donating to us, and getting a patch for FREE!!!

Patch 1b (small)



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