Magpul PDR C

Where this gun lacks, it makes up for in it’s superb design and elegance. The Magpul PDR C is one of the few bulpup rifles that don’t feel like someone’s kicking your shoulders with a bulky butt stock. It manages to stay streamline and compact which makes for excellent CQB! But in doing so, it lacks in battery space and external customization.


Trigger response can be described as GOOD, not the best most crisp trigger response but usable! The transition from semi to full auto trigger pull is easy to feel and removed the hassle of switching fire modes for easy of operation and quick decision making, of course this adds an extra pull length to the trigger but again, a sacrifice for a gain. What do you think? Would you prefer a selector switch?


Lastly I’d like to talk about the mag issues, the PDR can take our Dboy HiCap mags, of course Magpul Mags, but for some reason was unable to fit our standard M4 midcap mag. We’re read reports of other issues reguarding other types of mags, so your best bet is to stick with the Magpul Mags. the gun looks quite awkward with a full M4 mag, pictured above is the mini mag.

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Halo PDRc


Futuristic yes. This gun has a great sleek design to it! Unfortunately several key features had to be overlooked to compensate for the sleek design and in others ways unrelated to being compact, the picky mags. All in all though the Magpul PDR C is a fair gun and an excellent choice for CQB battle!


HFC Revolver
HFC Revolver
WE M14
WE M14
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