ICS 6 Shot Grenade Launcher

The launcher has a very simple job, yes, to rotate, push the back of the shells, and scatter bb’s recklessly across the field. Unfortunately sometimes the mechanism designed to push the back of the shell can fail to do so. It really requires a strong, tough trigger pull. But enough complaining lets list the facts!

ICS 2 - Copy

6 Shots

Shells not included

Mostly plastic.

Has a locking mechanism but apparently our gun opens without unlocking the cylinder first.

Did we mention it feels like a cheap piece of plastic?

Now how about that $120 price tag for some “high quality” plastic and no shells included? You gotta love the world of airsoft! If some hard core airsofters are willing to pay the price for a toy, then why charge lower? And why bother making a higher quality launcher for $120? I’ve used some of the single shot launchers that mount on M4’s and even those feel much more hefty and solid than this!


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Daniel Grenade Launcher - Copy

It’s a toy! It was meant to have fun with! Be fun! And enjoyable! And with certain over priced shells, you could be launching all sorts of things, BBs, balls, potatoes, you name it! So there is room for potential to be fun. But as is, this launcher is not worth the money! And if you know what you want to launch then build your own launcher with pipe or buy a single shot! That’s our friendly advice!




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