This or the KWA MP7? That is the big question. For us it’s merely a question of usability, the MP7 is a very nice looking gun and the gas efficiency is top tier! However we chose the MP9 over the MP7 because we were very pleased with the performance, the build quality and the less frequent jamming that we had experienced with the high maintenance MP7.


350 – 400 FPS (CQB Bolt Available)

48 Round Mag

Polymer Body

mp9 2 (small)

When using this gun in cold weather it has performed fairly. Usually getting through the entire mag on semi, and maybe three quarters of a mag on full auto. This gun shines in both CQB and full field gameplay and if you’re looking for a reliable side arm or primary then you’ve found it!

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However if I had to make the decision purely on aesthetics alone, I would no doubt chose the KWA Mp7!

mp9 3 (small)

So at the end of the day, what do you value more? Looks? Or out of the box performance? For us the choice was performance, but if you sent your gun over to our friends at K-Tech Airsoft, I’m sure the could modify the heck out of it and make a beast out of anything! Thanks for reading this review and LIKE our facebook page if you want to be informed on new content!


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