KWC Desert Eagle (Full Auto)

It’s big! It’s black! And its strikes fear into the eyes of those with smaller pistols! It’s the KWC Desert Eagle!


300 – 340 FPS

21 Round Mag

CO2 Powered

Metal Slide

Polymer Lower Frame


Deagle 1

If a desert eagle with full auto doesn’t strike your interest then you probably don’t care about airsoft. But for those of us who enjoy fake guns shooting plastic balls, this is for you! It’s massive and it’s heavy and it’s seriously one hell of a gun. Co2 can be a major drawback for some and for others it’s not an issue. What’s certain is you will be changing Co2 cartridges quite frequently.

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Deagle 2

Are you looking to a tiny gun that no one will notice when you’re on the field? This isn’t the gun for you. Are you looking for a gun that’s similar to the guns everyone else is using? This isn’t for you. Are you tired of having a unique and full auto gun that wrecks the fields? Then this gun is NOT for you! Lame-o!

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