WG Co2 Revolver

It’s a beauty to look at! Tough as nails, the build quality is thirteen steps above the HFC green gas revolver! The Co2 is loud and powerful and the shells are solid and beautiful!


400 – 500 FPS

6 Rounds DUH!

CO2 Powered

Full Metal

Plastic Fake Wood Hand Grip

Revolver 1b SMALL

Now if we analyze this gun on the level of how skrimishable it is then it’s pretty obvious that unless you’re the sharpest shooter in the wild west, this will not be your primary weapon. What we can analyze this gun is on the level or aesthetics, well that’s why you wanted an airsoft revolver in the first place, right?

Revolver 7 SMALL

Attention to detail is spot on. Most of the gun is held together by body pins which is a very nice touch! However there are 4 obvious Phillips screws on one side of the gun. Ours is the silver revolver so the screws blend in perfectly! (Assuming that on the black revolver, the screws are also painted black!)

Revolver 8 SMALL

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Revolver 4SMALL


It is one of the few PRACTICAL 6 shooters on the airsoft market. Yes you CAN use it in a game, but of course the six shots will be a handicap for most and a fun challenge for others. There are some Japanese revolvers that are able to hold 24 shots, however the FPS on those are below 25o, which is practically unusable on most american fields. So if you’re going for a somewhat usable revolver and you want to be a true county man then its supposed to be a six shooter!


HFC Revolver
HFC Revolver




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