Yes we are suckers for “unique” guns and pretty much anything that isn’t an M4. The APS UAR is unique but it does come with it’s unique flaws.


330 – 350 FPS

150 Round mini mag included

Compatible with most M4 Mags

Polymer upper and lower receiver

Quick Change Spring System


What are the problems with this unique gun? The most annoying issue we had with this gun was the battery compartment. If you want to use a better battery insider this thing, (look at the picture above) you will have wires spewing out the front in a nasty display of messiness. The stock internals on this gun, in our honest opinion, are not up to par to perform with lipo or 9.6v batteries.

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This gun is definitely unique, feels sturdy. The internals are garbage but it can be upgraded. With much effort for disassembling this wacky gun, it is very possible to turn this thing into a beast. You’re getting a general performing gun, with bad ass externals! That’s why you wanted this gun in the first place right?

Magpul PDR C
Magpul PDR C
WE M14
WE M14
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